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Re: Extending quality of life while helping you be as beautiful as you can be, from the inside out; is our mission statement.


Our complete program is:   


Skin tightening, toning and rejuvenation, as provided with
the non-surgical face-lift, which you will be trained to provide;


Promote products that augment a healthy body cycle


Provide Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


Offer wrinkle and fine line reduction and,


Weight management and body contouring programs that work,


Stress reduction treatments and products,


Test for food triggers to help lower blood sugar and insulin,


Anti-aging rejuvenation therapy; in combination with laser
verifiable supplements, which are vital to good health.


Detoxification with the removal of heavy metals, utilizing the
latest EDTA science in suppository form.


We must review with you in person to discuss our products and treatments.

We can provide a body analysis report that is produced to evaluate each client. This evaluation consists of the hydration level, Lean body to fat ratio and the basal metabolic rate which can be helpful in showing the client  how to meet their long-term goals; we provide Food Trigger analysis that will identify foods that cause your blood sugar to rise; we provide laser testing for antioxidant levels in the body.

We provide print-outs of these reports that will contain things such as suggestions for nutritional support. Part of the nutritional program suggests how to balance the body's lean muscle to fat, so the client may obtain their goal weight.

The body composition report is derived from recording a mild, undetectable electrical current sent through the body. The amount of resistance to the current, indicates the amount of fat in the body and this is called impedance.  The impedance will vary for each client. An actual test can be viewed HERE. It requires tiny electrodes attached to the right hand and to the right foot.

With the assembled information this health management software program will show:

1. The client's fat to lean body ratios.

2. Hydration level.

3. The rate the body metabolizes in a relaxed state (BMR).

4. Nutritional program earlier mentioned and a food group exchange list for the client's selection.

We offer Weight management and stress reduction treatments utilizing Quantum Physics; and the correct water!   which are the steps to health!

Click for: Weight management

Click for: Quantum Physics for Stress Management

Click for: Identifying and controlling blood sugar


Growth Factor, Why Take it?

The reason most people have never heard of Human Growth Hormone before, besides it's side effects, is; it is a product injected by physicians for a cost from $1000 to $3000 or more per month, so it had limited exposure in the medical community and to the wealthy. It was only recently that a natural growth factor was developed in an oral delivery system, that has been shown to increase the level of IGF-1 in the system. The Growth Factor is not expensive and it has been shown to increase lean muscle and decrease fat while increasing stamina.  Add walking or other exercise and increase your benefits.

Is Growth Factor Safe?

Growth factor has substantial benefits and no known side effects and it is made from natural products.

Some Reported Benefits Have Been:

loose fat, gain lean muscle


Sexual performance enhanced


memory retention improved


skin elasticity improved


energy level improved


stamina improved


What is IGF-1?

Insulin Like Growth Factor One (IGF-1) contains the 191 Amino Acid Chain.  IGF-1 is produced in the live and is a product of the pituitary gland releasing growth hormone where it travels to the liver. As we age, our pituitary gland slows production of Growth Hormone, (about 14% per decade) see this chart    therefore reducing the amount present in the body. This has been related to the aging process.

Related studies can be viewed in the link" Nujuvenis Max
” and Rejuvenis Max portion of this website.

Aging Process!

Adding Growth Factor has been shown to increase the IGF-1 in the human body.  Cells die without the presence of IGF-1.   The skin is where we first notice the signs of aging.


Dangers associated with injection of Human Growth Hormone That Have been Reported:

If your body has too much HGH in it, you can develop a disease called acromegaly, which causes the hands and face to grow freakishly big. The jaw becomes larger and your face becomes rough and oily. Organs like the heart, kidney and liver will also start to grow too much, which can cause heart disease, diabetes and other nasty ailments. Using HGH can also increase the risk of cancer because of the unnatural growth of cells. Some doctors say the apparent increase in the size of Barry Bonds' head over the past few seasons is a sign that he has injected HGH to improve athletic performance. While human growth hormone may help some athletes, using HGH is also cheating and its dangerous side effects can be especially damaging to kids and teens, whose bodies are already going through major changes during puberty.

The oral application of the Clinic's Nujuvenis Max™ and Rejuvenis Max™ does not have the risks that are associated with Human Growth Hormone injection. Human Growth Hormone is administered during the day. Often high dosages are injected. Some of the risks associated with the Injected Human Growth Hormone have been reported:

1. Tumor growth.
2. Damage to receptor sites.

3. Insulin sensitivity.

4. Increased sodium retention, etc.

Entering deep sleep (REM) turns off the brain/hypothalamus, in turn triggering the pituitary gland. This explains the term, "The body repairs itself at night" and a reason why we ask the client to take the
Nujuvenis Max™  or Rejuvenis Max orally, the first thing in the morning when awakening, as the insulin is at its lowest.

There are no known side effects with Nujuvenis Max™

Rejuvenis Max™ growth factor. The Clinic's spray growth factors  and the actual amount of growth hormone produced naturally from the pituitary gland can increase  IGF-1 in the body.

More information on this link
: Growth Factor  page.

All of the Clinic therapies in combination can help to optimize each of our products, procedures and results which the client may benefit from, at the Anti-Aging Clinic, if they remain committed.

What Lymphatic drainage treatments?

The state of the art lymphatic system drainage treatments help rid the body of its toxins.
 These are important keys to treating the aging process. Ridding the body of toxins can only make you healthier. This cutting edge of science (technique described below) has a pleasant side effect; as it helps decrease the size of fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer, by restoring the blood circulation and its effect on the lymphatic system; that reduction in size causes the outside of the skin to smooth in areas where the dimpling of skin occurs, (cellulite) and when the complete program is followed, it helps to shape and contour the body.

The technique gently vacuum rolls a fold of skin up into the hand held motorized head 
   and is guided by the technician over the body. The client wears a special body suit, which allows the vacuum pulling head to roll over the skin without pinching and feels wonderful.

The dimpling is called cellulite     and it is characterized by impaired circulation and degradation of the subcutaneous tissue structures. Alteration and lack of fluid exchange from poor diet, lack of exercise, lack of adequate water intake, genetics and other things, help promote hypertrophy of the adiposities and can further aggravate microcirculatory and vascular problems.
This increased size of the fat cells, can cause constriction    of blood and lymphatic vessels which can lead to reduced metabolic exchange. When the volume of the fat lobes increases in size this deforms the septa, which pull down on their superficial anchor points while at the same time push up against the surface of the skin. This creates spaces filled with water.

The action of the motorized head has been shown to help restore microcirculation and  stimulate fluid exchange. When the client consumes the recommended amount of water, coupled with      movement exercise and the proper nutrition, improvement of blood flow has been shown and its effect on lymphatic flow that helps restore proper metabolic exchange. When this happens it allows the adiposities to return to their normal shape and size. The septa are progressively relieved of pressure and can result in a healthier smoother appearance of the skin.

After each treatment is completed at the Clinic the patient is asked to walk on a treadmill. Demarginating lymphocytes from the vessel walls caused by movement, activates the immune system through a positive feed back loop.


The importance of detoxifying: Click here


Before a client receives treatments there may be toxin build up, trapped due to the enlarged fat cells within the subcutaneous skin tissues.                 

<<<<Picture depicts restored circulation:

After treatments begin some of these toxins have been shown to move through the liver with more volume.  Some of these additional toxins while passing through the liver over time can get trapped. A  natural liver detoxifier to help continue the success and added good health of the patient is suggested. Such things as metals, inert substances and similar substances arising as byproducts of cellular metabolism accumulate in the cell nuclei. A good natural detoxifying supplement, should be added to the daily regimen due to the fact that the accumulation of large amounts of inert material in a cell, cannot but interfere with efficient cell metabolism.

After client goals have been met   there is a need for a continued maintenance program. It might consist of one treatment per month depending on their body, exercise habits, conditioning and how they feel about what they should look like. Each individual is different.


Review treatment programs on this link: Click here

Any of the Clinic complete programs will be specifically tailored for the client's requirements.

The main program will depend on body size, condition, age and other things determined at the physical interview, which could include all or part of the following:

1. Lymphatic drainage treatments that have been shown to help contour the body and increase the immune system.  

2. Microdermabrasion treatments.

3. Medical grade 24 hour skin care program that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, designed for different skin types.

4. Growth Factor.

5. One body suit for lymphatic treatment.

6. Body composition report designed for the patient with nutritional information.

7. Verifiable High antioxidant multi-vitamin.

8. Natural Liver detoxifier.

9. Weight management brain signal, neurotransmitter interrupters.

10. Pictures of the face and body to establish a base line and follow up.

What is microdermabrasion?


The Clinic offers microdermabrasion that has been shown to help treat fine lines and wrinkles. This technique has turned out to be one of the most innovative and effective      treatment procedures to fight the signs of aging. The reason for this is the constant stimulation of the cell renewal process by removing the excess dead skin cells within the stratum corneum. Microdermabrasion works with a vacuum technique, which guides medical grade micro-crystals over the upper or outer skin layers. These crystals abrade smoothly layer per layer of the stratum corneum to the depth the licensed esthetician determines is necessary according to skin type and problem. This treatment is one third of the non-surgical face-lift, that the Clinic offers.

Why take enzymes?

The following is some of the information we offer to help make informed choices:

The body produces metabolic enzymes in the pancreas and other organs. We are born with the ability to make a finite amount of metabolic enzymes and through depletion that decreases with age. It is agreed that complete health is the sum total and soundness of our on individual enzyme system. Simply stated health and nutrition is:

1. The body’s ability to consume the 45 known nutrients in their proper amounts.

2. Digest these nutrients.

3. Absorb these nutrients.

4. Carry these nutrients into the cells.

5. Metabolize these nutrients.

6. Eliminate them as waste through the lymphatic system, adrenal cortex, liver, etc., without getting fat.

Since all 100 trillion cells in our bodies depend upon the reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor it makes sense to use them solely for these tasks and not for digestion purposes.

When humans first evolved we ate everything raw and therefore no metabolic enzymes were required to assist digestion. Since all things in their raw form have the required amount of enzymes needed to cause digestion of that particular food, our metabolic enzyme production was left intact to support our metabolism.

In today’s world we cook most everything we eat for sanitary purposes. This destroys the enzymes in that particular food required for the digestion of that food. This causes our bodies to furnish our digestive systems with the use of our metabolic enzymes. Calorie Restricted and Appropriate Nutrition diets (CRAN) have been shown to extend life in animals. This is due to the fact that the less you eat the less your demand on your metabolic enzyme source for digestion.

One of the most important life extension portions of the Clinic’s program is supplementation.  Digestive enzymes to decrease the body's dependencies on the metabolic enzyme supply, is one such supplement. Taken orally enzymes can have systemic absorption and systemic effects on the whole organism. If we postpone the debilitation of metabolic enzyme activity then we might delay the aging process. Disease is considered nothing more than the lack of or imbalance of enzymes.

Why take absorption energizers?

After the food does enter the small intestine it must be absorbed properly. With age the ability to absorb properly declines. Introduction of a natural absorption energizer to the system is another of the important Clinic concepts. This is a proper absorption energizer to help create maximum absorption.


Why take antioxidants?

Properly broken down nutrients from food absorbed from the small intestine, create fuel in the mitochondria. Inside this organelle, "respiratory chain" or "electron transport chain", energy is created through conversion of oxygen to water by addition of hydrogen. These protein complexes are associated with many things and produce many things. One of which is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 neutralizes the superoxide free radicals, which are a byproduct of the energy generation. With age this activity declines resulting in increased production of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. These free radicals damage the mitochondrial inner membrane, creating a positive feedback loop for increased free radical creation. This exothermic reaction would consume our cells if left unchecked. The body must be supplemented to provide this continued form of protection as the body's supply decreases with age. The cigarettes, environment, fertilizers, mildasides, fungicides, metabolism and aging itself causes the need for more antioxidants than the body can produce; making the need to supplement important. Antioxidants connect to the free radicals and evacuates through the lymphatic/adrenal cortex system and others, which may be closed off, from the increased size of fat cells, earlier mentioned, that the lymphatic drainage treatments re-open. This waste can then move through such things as the liver and continue on out of the body.

With respect to client weekly visits and the program that is right for each, we invite you to a free consultation to help decide how to accomplish your goals.

Please contact our professionals at your earliest connivance.
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