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Paperback: President 2012, Patriot or Puppet for billionaires 

$14.95 $2.00 shipping

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Paperback: Collapse of Drugs due to wellness

$14.95 $2.00 shipping

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1. Why and how to contour the body? $9.95

2. What is weight management and how is it accomplished? $9.95

3. What is the lymphatic system and why is it so important to over-all health/beauty? $9.95

4. Why does good health equal beauty? $9.95

5. What is Cellulite and what poor health indicator is the appearance? $9.95

6. What Constitutes Exercise and why is it so important? $9.95

7. What does Alcohol have to do with weight? $9.95

8. What is the importance of lean muscle & how to obtain it? $9.95

9. What does your sugar and insulin have to do with your weight? $9.95

10. Could you have diabetes and not know it? $9.95

11. Why is it necessary to supplement your diet? $9.95

12. What is the best diet in the world? $9.95

13. What are hormones and do I need to balance them? $9.95



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