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                   optimal health, beauty and longevity in a non-pharmaceutical environment
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The Anti-Aging Clinic's Directors David Tippie and Stephanie Tippie are forward thinking executives with powerful team building skills who surround themselves with like-minded professionals. The Tippie's are true entrepreneurs with commitment that instills passion within the ranks of their board members, consultants and clinicians; they are results oriented and their mission statement drives the Corporation: “Make every client as young and healthy as they can possibly be, doing it naturally and safely”.

David is the incorporator and was appointed Director of the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc. in December 2001, because of his background prior to the association. Stephanie excelled to Director in 2003. Their like minded team includes consultants,  MD’s, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Clinical Psychologists, Nutritionists, Natural Paths, Chemists, Aestheticians and Clinicians. Their vision became clear to develop new and effective age rejuvenation treatments utilizing the latest science as well as developing the finest skincare products. The Clinic became very aware of market trend and that market was baby boomers; The youngest Boomer is 40 and the oldest is 58, all demanding the same thing; to remain as healthy and as young as they can, for as long as they can, safely to "AGE YOUNGER"; the Clinic formulated and designed safe natural alternatives for: Tightening skin, blemish removal, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and reversing sun damaged skin AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.

The Clinic developed the Non-surgical face-lift by testing various treatments processed out on themselves, which laid the groundwork for all research that followed that developed into what is being promoted and practiced today, with thousands of satisfied clients.

Tippie's positioned their company to take full advantage of this market addressing all their desires without the dangers of surgery or the risks of anesthesia and the results are in; and they are positive.

The concept is unique; we help you realize that you can only have beauty when there is good health. Our concept helps our client’s live longer, healthier and more beautiful lives.

A more youthful, sculpted body and beautiful face is what you will receive, with the use of our non-invasive skincare procedures, youth-enhancing nutritional supplements, individualized nutritional weight loss plans and specially tailored skincare treatments.

Utilization of magical copper peptides, and the application of our proprietary all-natural supplement “Nujuvenis Max” and the more powerful "Rejuvenis Max" in combination, helps achieve wonderful results. Diminishing the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles plus a very unique and comprehensive youth-enhancing program consisting of:

A body analysis taken to calculate body fat in relation to
lean muscle,


A results-driven nutritional plan that includes nutritional supplements


A suggested food type to make you feel fuller longer;


An exercise regimen that works with the client’s schedule
and current fitness level. 


Questionnaire and saliva testing for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy


Biofeedback to determine food triggers to help control sugar and insulin

We address the needs of every individual and are devoted to the health and well being of our clients who are working to achieve the desired outcome: a firm, toned more healthy youthful body and face along with a clearer happier outlook on life.


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