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ABOUT THE OWNERS  David and Stephanie Tippie, founders of the Clinic are all about natural alternatives. Stephanie has the medical background and has researched and studied the latest science has to offer in skin care products and therapies. Both David an Endermologist and medical researcher and Stephanie have devoted 25 years of research  and development in all the modalities of Anti-Aging therapies including research that expands the natural non-surgical face-lift to the success story it is today. The Botox® alternative   "Nujúvenate" compliments our face-lift. The nutrition program, nutritional supplements, lymphatic drainage, as to how they all relate to the body physiology and a healthy life style and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is also a major part of our program. So unique is the research teams efforts and development of the Anti-Aging Clinic concept, David has applied to the US Patent and Trademark office and has been issued a control number. Both David & Stephanie are delighted to bring you their Website and invite you, on behalf of the entire team to visit us. If you have any comment or suggestions about our Website, contact the Webmaster.

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