EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The Lymphatic & Body Cleanse ™




David Tippie, President and CEO of Aging Younger ® Clinic, and inventor naturalist has stepped over the edge of innovation in presenting a concept for a one-of a kind product, unique in the sense of how it addresses an extremely critical healthcare problem that affects over 10 million Americans, and hundreds of millions, worldwide and that is "Sedentary Lifestyles". David’s Utility patent pending concept product, “The Lymphatic & Body Cleanse™ “ takes a pro-active approach to cleaning the full body and preventing lymphatic system degeneration by moving it through friction of rolling brushes and to ensure a smooth operation in the circulation of lymph, which is also how toxins are removed from your body. The lymphatic system has no pump, such as the heart for the blood. To move the lymphatic system you must move the body (walk, run) or, move the lymphatic system through the friction of rolling brushes touching the our skin.





The Lymphatic & Body Cleanse ™ provides a relaxing and pleasurable experience while detoxifying and rejuvenating the lymph system and nodes. The benefits of the lymphatic drainage brush massage systems are at your fingertips, the processes of cleaning the body and and improving lymph flow have never been so enjoyable.

The system fits easily in any shower stall or shower/bath unit.You can view the video of the moving brushes CLICK HERE


It consists of a hand-held vibrating cleansing brush, which vibrates back and Forth, but does not rotate in a circular motion and that means it won't pull hair, while a series of rolling brushes on the wall mounted system cleanses the front and each side of the body and especially the back, which few can reach, providing a relaxing, therapeutic massage, improving the Lymph system, which is 78% of your immune system & lessening back skin disease. The series of rolling brushes are attached to a 3-way valve, attached to a shower/pipe head. Driving plastic chains shown on the video






1. Fosters a total body ambience of deep relaxation, some may say a feeling of one-ness with your entire body;


2. Produces a healthier lymphatic systems due to stimulation of the lymphatic system and lymph nodes, meaning that thorough detoxification is taking place, as the same time you are cleansing the entire body;


3. Users will be able to scrub their own backs easily, helping to reduce skin disease, irritations and itching, while also exfoliating;


4. As with similar products, the hand-held cleansing brush vibrates and does not rotate, and is very gentle for cleaning delicate areas of the body without pulling hair;


5. Moving the Lymph system reduces inflammation and swelling, from the usual causes;


6. Helps the body reduce the occurrence of cellulite buildup in its early stages.




An amount of USD $2 million is needed in order to transition from the concept stage through product prototype development, and then to marketing. A detailed breakdown of the costs is found under the heading, “Financial Activity” on page 1 of my complete business plan that is available that is available to the interested party. Thoroughly documented market research will re-assure the investor as to the financial figures for the Return-on-Investment for the first commercial year of operations – There is approximately a 300% Return-on-Investment due to the length of time the investor gets return after the invested amount was paid back.


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