Color Perfect Company Inc.

David Tippie Sr.'s Curriculum Vita  

More than 30 years experience in the Construction Industry.

1999 to 2016 President and Director of Color Perfect Company Inc., a
company that has provided all phases of construction including finishes
for various types of projects and new home developers in in South Florida.
David was contracted in 1999 by the owner of a hospital in Tegucigalpa Honduras
to inspect each phase of construction to insure it would meet the requirements
of the Xium bank, where the loan originated, completed in 2001.

Color Perfect Company Inc., is also the parent company for the Aging Younger
Clinics being developed in the Florida market.

1993 to 1999 David was one of three partners that purchased ground on Dumb
Foundling Bay in North Miami Beach Florida called "Le Pelican". The design was
a nine story condominium, which we pre-sold and constructed as the General
Contractor. The critical path, subcontracts and their negotiation as well as all
construction phases  was under the direction David. 

1986 to 1992 David was construction manager for Mycon Corporation in South
Florida; completing various apartment complexes and a schools.

1983 to 1985 David was Project Manager for Ruby Builders Inc., Out of Orlando
Florida, where David constructed a Radisson Hotel in Austin Texas.

1977 to 1983 David was a Self Employed Contractor where he build single family
homes and commercial shopping centers; carpentry, steel buildings, concrete and
tilt wall construction.

1965 to 1977 David worked for Brown & Root Inc., a Houston Texas based
company. David completed various training courses for various types of
construction including pipeline welding, carpentry, steel buildings, post tension
concrete and tilt wall construction. David excelled in all areas he had received
training and moved up in management to become a Director of the Eastern
Hemisphere for construction and contract negotiation.

Began apprenticeship 1960 with WF Smith and Son Machine shop in Austin
Texas; received my machinist license in 1964.
Education: Graduated High school 1964.
Worked a licensed machinist from 1964 to 1965
Started an apprentice program with Brown & Root in 1965
Completed various training courses while working for Brown & Root::


16 weeks Kansas City Missouri college in Business Management.


1 year in Critical Path Scheduling and Take off and estimating.


16 weeks of pipeline welding school.


1 year of MS Dos, Lotus 123, Digi-Tech's digitizer board for take-off and

Education while Self Employed:


Quickbooks accounting


Beginning with Front page Website (webmaster for 4 websites) then to wordpress one website.


Engineering started in the beginning in engineering machine shop, then with
Brown & Root Inc., as well as self taught over the years from project to project.