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The following is an "Excerpt" of the book: Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness, shown on left. The short form for our 8 steps to Aging Younger is: Improving the immune system; Improving the lymphatic system; Improving your cardio vascular health; Detoxifying your body; Balancing your hormones & endocrine system; Improving your hydration level in the body; Improving your skin elasticity; Lastly: Reduce you dependence of synthetics.

1. Improving the immune system is accomplished with Diet & Supplementation plus, balancing your nutritional intake and practicing the proper food combinations.

2. Improving the lymphatic system is accomplished with First measurement to give a starting point to be capable of gauging progress minutely before visual change can be detected and that is through our Impedance measurement, which sends a mild electrical current through the body, which is not detectable. This process gives us three measurements one, the hydration level, rate you burn energy in a relaxed state, which is basal cell metabolic rate and thirdly, the ratio of lean body to fat. Next we provide Lymphatic drainage treatments, which are done Along with Exercising daily, and with a high tech piece of equipment and lastly, we help you improve hydration with alkaline ionized water from our Aging Younger water ionizer.

3. Improving your cardio vascular health by increasing your omega-3 intake, by Increasing antioxidant intake and this is where testing provides the key evidence, as well as to ask you to incorporate deep breathing techniques with your daily exercise, and if you cant use strength training then as a bare minimum you must walk 60 minutes a day.

4. Detoxifying your body/ REQUIRES 1 thru 3 that we just spoke of, to be adapted and applied to the detox program, then: Forensic hair analysis before and then again after our EDTA suppository chelation therapy program, which we offer. EDTA is Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid, but without calcium; which is important and to be discussed later.

5. Balancing your hormones & endocrine system; which entails measuring hormones with 11-saliva panels over the course of 30-days for women and 4-saliva panels over the course of one day for men, because men do not cycle, which is critical along with the 15-page Questionnaire that is necessary for monthly dosage adjustment of the BHRT program designed for them, in Lozenge form; NOTE: Not hormone creams or, synthetic manmade hormones; this is very important.

6. Improving your hydration level of the body is accomplished by drinking Alkaline water that is 3-to-5 molecules per cluster from our Aging Younger water ionizer, which produces negatively charged alkaline water that is high in antioxidants and is key to all life, because it Hydrates at the cellular level and reduces acidity;

Tap water has 17 to 18 molecules per cluster & this creates an acidic body environment, which is ripe for illness manifestation.

7. Improving your skin elasticity starts with good health, which means applying all of the steps just mentioned, plus: Our Non surgical Face Lift weekly, then monthly as needed which will likely create you only needing them every 3-months for lasting results. Plus use of our professional grade, 24-hour skincare products.

8. Lastly: Reduce you dependence of synthetics; synthetic drugs synthetic vitamins & synthetic food synthetic; synthetic anything man made, because manmade elements create side effects. Can anyone remember drug commercials exposing their side effects? Yes drugs are manmade synthetics.

We touched briefly on each one, now we will speak more in depth about each one and the first:

1. What can we do to improve our Immune System? Supplementation is important due to the lack of nutrients from fruits and vegetables harvested green to last through packing and shipping. Adding our Rejuvenis poly ionic saccharides to make up for part of what we miss in Mother Nature not being able to complete her job due to picking her green and not allowing her to ripen on the vine or tree.

Also important is balancing your nutritional intake of protein to include 50% fish, as well as consuming a portion with each of two meals, at noon and with the evening meal, combined with live foods from Mother Nature. Also important is taking our Rejuvenis Omega-3s on a daily basis, 4-times per day to help eliminate the Bad and Worse Cholesterol HDL/LDL.

Practice the proper food combinations; (1) protein before carb (2) No starch with protein, as well as many more listed on our website: www.LiveLonger123.com.

2. What can we do to improve our lymphatic system?

Impedance measurements are first and it shows the lean muscle to fat ratio, hydration level and the basal metabolic rate.

Followed by Weekly lymphatic drainage treatments.

Then Exercise daily, walking a minimum of 60 minutes daily is important to improving the lymphatic flow. There is no pump on the lymphatic system and without movement there can be no fluid movement of the lymph.

3. Hydration is an important part of the lymphatic system. Drinking the correct water is key as well as the correct amount. Water from our Aging Younger water ionizer that delivers the wettest most hydrating water in the world is one of the healthiest things you can adapt, for an improved lifestyle. Next by improving your cardio vascular health we always start by increasing your omega-3 intake which supports lower bad cholesterol combinations; which are the HDL & LDL combinations that create triglycerides and plaque buildup in the arteries. Increasing your antioxidants lessen the chance for triglycerides to oxidize. The oxidization of triglycerides is what creates plaque buildup, not cholesterol and you have been told by the drug companies.

Deep breathing techniques to oxygenate your blood as well as when reaching your aerobic peak with exercise, this helps to oxygenate the blood and improve cardio health, as well as brain function. The best thing for depression folks, is not taking psychotropic drugs, it is improvement of your immune system and exercise.

How can we improve our Cardio Vascular health even further? Proper nutrition fuels our daily activities, such as walking down the sidewalk, playing & exercising, or doing housework. But our bodies need energy for daily activities that we may have never been aware of. For instance, our brain needs energy to function and help us think clearly and we even need energy to digest the food we eat. Everyone needs energy to grow and repair body tissue, and especially children, need adequate amounts of nutrients for energy to grow. Our metabolism determines our health, now and for the future and fat does not metabolize, lean muscle metabolizes, and obesity starts just five pounds over the normal weight for your structure.

Proper nutrition also helps us prevent deficiencies of certain nutrients and helps eliminate certain toxicities, and the proper nutrition will help to balance out too much of one particular type of nutrient, we refer to this as the YEN & YANG theory, which is a Chinese metaphor. One such instance is; we take in a large amount of Omega-6s on a daily basis with todays diet and we need to exponentially increase our Omega-3 intake, due to the fact that we need 10- Omega-3s to one Omega-6 for balanced good health. The Omega-6s start the fire and pain of arthritis and inflammation and, Omega-3s put the fire out.

Proper nutrition also helps to keep our immune system healthy, balanced and functioning properly, to keep us from getting sick and to help us recover when we do get sick. A very important result of proper nutrition is that it can prevent or control some chronic disease, such as diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Something that you may not know is that every human body has cells that are called cancer cells. If you maintain a healthy body, you will never know you had them.

4. What is the best way to detoxify the body?

Before you begin to detoxify you body, it would be good that you have completed steps 1 thru 3 just mentioned. The reason for that is, detoxification with EDTA suppositories removes some of the good nutrients along with the bad toxins. EDTA is Ethylene-Diamine-Tetra-acetic Acid, without calcium, which makes it a superior chelating agent that will cross the brain barrier and, because it does not have calcium, like most on the market, it will help chelate out the calcified plaque in the arteries and joints as well as the toxins and heavy metals trapped in the body.

A forensic hair analysis is taken before starting the detox program, which insures the elimination of toxins because you compare it to the final hair analysis when the 6-month program and 2-month waiting period is complete.

It is due to the slow absorption of our EDTA suppository type of chelation therapy and not intravenous, that will cause the removal of the most toxins and heavy metals from your body. Which means you not only have to set in a chair with a intravenous needle in your arm for two the three hours a day for a week, you will be getting, zero side effects, plus added toxin remove and all in the privacy of your home.

5. How can we balance our endocrine system?

Hormones regulate everything in our body and when there is an imbalance, then malfunction and disease manifests.

Measuring hormones is critical in the program of balancing; a woman cycles from the first time she has a period until she dies. Taking a blood sample is capturing a mille-second in time; you learn nothing about the cycle.

Eleven saliva panels collected over the course of 30-days is essential in learning the female cycle and how to improve it; not with synthetic drugs or topical creams, but with natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy lozenges designed specifically for each person, because everyone is different. You answer a 15 page questionnaire before starting the testing process, when the results are back from the lab, the questions are re-answered every thirty days to help with titrating, which means dosage adjustment.

6. What is the best water to drink, knowing that improving the hydration level is key to Aging Younger?

Water is key to all life; but not just any water. When they check for life on far away planets they search for the existence of water. Hydration at the cellular level is improved with functional ionized water, produced with the electrolysis process from our Aging Younger Water ionizer; you can view on our website: www.Livelonger123.com. This process is negatively charging and causing a very high ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) in each water molecule, which means: The higher the ORAC score, the more capable that particular food (in this case water) is in destroying free radicals, thus retarding the aging process and the disease process.

Also this water is high in pH alkalinity. The functional water is 3 to 5 molecules per cluster and negatively charged. These small negatively charged clusters will be easily pulled into the positively charged cells, like the opposite ends of a magnet.

Tap water is full of techno-trash, which is at least 17 to 18 molecules per cluster and tap water has a pH-7 , which is acidic; acidity starts on the 0 to 14 pH scale from 0-to 6.9 representing acidity 7-being neutral and up from pH-7 to pH-14 representing the rising stages of alkalinity. The body is at 7.4 pH and you can see that even tap water is acidic to the body. These large positively charged clusters from tap, or bottled water, do not hydrate the cells properly, due to their size and their lacking of an ionic negative charge.

7. What is the secret to improving the skin elasticity?

It starts with good health. No skin improvement program can take place or be maintained properly, without first obtaining good health on the inside, as we have out lined.

When the body is young the body signals the skin to repair itself with copper plus two ion messengers and as we age our system depletes in these ion messengers which is the ability to signal. Our Aging Younger skin care products improve this signaling and enhance all levels of the skin to improve elasticity, collagen and that youthful glow. Then add to that our Non surgical Face Lift monthly and you can develop magnificent youthful looking skin. Please go to our website and view before and after photos. That is LiveLonger123.com

Without internal hydration, exterior hydration is limited, so beauty on the outside is impossible to maintain. But when both needs are met inside and outside by drinking our ionized water, that was just described and applying our all natural skin humidifying moisturizer with Hyauralonic acid, excellent results can be achieved.

8. Reduce intake of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs or anything manmade is the next step.

There are more drugs on the market today but yet, there is more sickness. Of course all drugs are synthetic.

Your body will reject synthetic man made elements and it will show you that rejection with a side effect; have you listened to drug commercials on TV?

Mother Nature cannot be patented and therefore when you see manmade synthetic anything, it does not belong in your body, this includes synthetic vitamins, which are made by the big pharmaceutical companies; this is the same as taking man made synthetic drugs, your body will reject them; of course the drug companies use synthetics in the vitamins to make you think that because they are not helping you, you will return to their drugs.

Drugs are simply not the answer, an example is insulin and Syndrome-X :

Syndrome X, has been indicated to be, the number one predictor of heart disease, according to Dr. Gerald Reaven who discovered Syndrome X, and he states that 60 to 75 million Americans have it.

Further Dr. Reaven states, that the diet directions prescribed by your cardiologist, and the drugs he may prescribe to lower cholesterol can be deadly. If you have Syndrome X, carefully but incorrectly dieting or taking drugs to lower your total cholesterol or LDL cholesterol specifically, wont solve your problem. In fact, it may make a heart attack even more likely.

Syndrome X is a very quiet malady that interferes with the ability of insulin to move glucose (meaning the necessary sugar) into certain cells for later use. Millions of heart attacks have been caused by the failure of insulin to do its job.

Insulin resistance is at the heart of Syndrome X. This is why simply lowering HDL and LDL cholesterol won't solve the problem as is universally prescribed by American medical sickness industry physicians. In fact why would you want to lower the most important hormone in your body in the first place? Listen and let us help you to become more informed, so you can take back your health choices, from the person you are placing the ultimate trust in, which is your doctor. It is still your fault, if the doctor chooses wrong for you and you are harmed as a result, because you let him or her, decide for you.

About 25% to 30% of Americans are resistant to their own insulin due to their own bad choices in life. This means that greater amounts of insulin are required to get the job done. If general testing were followed, these people would remain dangerously low on insulin. Unfortunately, excess insulin is the first in a series of events, to trigger damage to the lining of the coronary arteries that eventually precipitates a heart attack, and educating the public is the favorable way to intervene in those poor suggestions that they get from their family doctor, due to his or her lack of education on the subject.

Simply put, more simple carbohydrates (sugar) equals more glucose, equals more insulin, equals the formula for disaster. For each 30% elevation in insulin levels, there is a 70% increase in risk of heart disease, over a five-year period. So it becomes absolutely essential to eliminate all man-made sugars, as well as simple carbohydrates from the diet.

Syndrome X, or insulin resistance, is a cluster of abnormalities that is directly related to heart disease, but seems to be unknown to the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry establishment.

Dr. Reaven, in his book Syndrome X, The Silent Killer, outlined the complete list of heart disease risk factors for people with Syndrome X. This list includes known risk factors for heart disease including the risk factors for Syndrome X that are important to know, to improve health! An additional independent risk factor is higher-than-normal LDL cholesterol. To begin developing LDL, your diet would have been lacking the balance required of the long chain fatty acids Omega-3s. Our body needs 10- Omega-3s to 1-Omega-6, and most Americans are grossly out of balance due to all the processed foods consumed.

The Syndrome X heart disease risk factor includes the rate at which fat clears from the blood, not just the amount of fat in the blood. It also considers the formation and clearance of blood clots, and the physical characteristics of LDL cholesterol (not just the amount), so our daily intake of Omega-3s and the daily improvement of our immune system, are extremely critical to our overall health.

The very important number one lifestyle factor that one should consider to fight diabetes, which elevates the risk factors as mentioned, is that the consumption of manmade sugar or simple carbohydrates should be eliminated.

The fact that fat does not make fat and insulin levels do not increase when you eat fat changes the profit margins of big Pharma and therefore, is not advertised to the public. Whether saturated or unsaturated, fat has no effect on insulin levels. Without purchasing my book, Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness, and assisting our research program, this is a fact that will remain a secret from the public who desperately need this information. Sugar makes fat inside and outside of the arteries. The more balanced we can maintain our systems with long chain fatty acids, which we should be putting into our body daily, the less risk for illness, but injurious to the profits for pharmaceutical companies.

The older we get, the more insulin (sugar) resistant we get because of the huge amount of manmade sugars we consume. Excess insulin narrows arteries, pushing up blood pressure and leading to a heart attack.

Dr. Reaven noted in his book, We now have over 300 medicines to help us control cholesterol levels that are advertised to keep our hearts healthy by the drug companies. What an Oxymoryon that is!!!

Descriptions of these drugs fill more than 400 pages, of the Physicians Desk Reference, which is the bible of medications used by todays medical sickness industry doctor.

None of these drug descriptions mention Syndrome X, or any of the indications.

These statin drugs are a huge commercial enterprise within medical pharmaceutical sickness industry orthodoxy and, are irresponsibly represented.

The Bob Livingston Letter in 2001, reverses the ideology of the drug companies approach, and it does so with aggression. The latest published un-truth is, the statement from the pharmaceutical sickness industry that states, normal levels for cholesterol should be lowered even more. This news from the new National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) part of the governments National Institute of Health (NIH)…(make statements because of erroneous information presented to them) that 20% MORE of all Americans should be taking drugs to lower their cholesterol levels; who do you suppose asked them to make that statement?

This is a financial crime and a direct attack upon the health of Americans.

There is of course, never a word from those who know the facts, which are the big medical pharmacological monopolies, stepping up to warn Americans to reduce manmade sugar and refined simple carbohydrate consumption for improved heart health; that would not be a profitable statement from them. Stating this truth would only produce healthy Americans, and it would be financially un-healthy for the pharmaceutical sickness industry.

Cutting back on manmade sugar and junk foods would kill the massive sales of cholesterol drugs. Without purchasing my book Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness and assisting our research and awareness program, do you think that the big medical pharmacological monopolies want Americans to know this?

Cholesterol therapy, as practiced by the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry monopoly, is a drug-selling hoax, generating huge profits, at the risk of many Americans.

In Syndrome X, one thing leads to another. Intracellular magnesium relaxes muscles. What happens when you cant store magnesium, because the cells become insulin resistant, because of too much sugar? You lose magnesium and your blood vessels constrict.

This, of course, causes an increase in blood pressure and a reduction in energy, since intracellular magnesium is required for all energy producing reactions in the cells.

But most importantly, magnesium is also necessary for the action of insulin and the manufacture of insulin in our body. When you raise your insulin, you lose magnesium and the cells become even more insulin resistant. Blood vessels constrict and glucose and insulin cant get to the tissue, which makes them more insulin resistant, so the insulin levels go up and you lose still more magnesium.

Can you see this vicious cycle caused by too much sugar? Manmade Sugar kills! Low magnesium speeds up our death. We need your assistance to help reach out to the public with David Tippies book, Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness along with our educational awareness radio programs on www.BlogTalk-Radio.com/agingyounger

Too much insulin also causes the retention of sodium, which causes the retention of fluid, which causes high blood pressure, fluid retention and congestive heart failure. All are correctable, and it can only be corrected by your lifestyle change and without drugs. In this instance, drugs are exponentially creating a healthcare crisis. That means more sick people for the only industry that requires sick people to survive and grow wealthy. Do you think that would that be the medial pharmaceutical sickness industry?

Heart attacks are two to three times more likely to happen after a meal where high amounts of simple carbohydrates were consumed, and, Heart Attacks are specifically NOT likely, after a high-fat meal. Why? Because the immediate effect of raising blood sugar from sugar, or a meal high in simple carbohydrate, signals a rise in insulin.

This causes arterial spasm and constriction of the arteries triggering heart attacks. Reversing this would be improving health, saving American lives and reducing the massive healthcare expenditures; please be a caring American and help us bring awareness to your friends and neighbors and purchase my book Collapse of Drugs due to wellness. You can go to our website LiveLonger123.com and click on book, and it will take you to the page where you can get your copy.

Reducing blood fat (triglycerides) is easy to do! There is an almost direct correlation between triglyceride levels and insulin levels, though more in some people than others.

The way to control blood lipids is simply by controlling insulin. Controlling insulin means to lower insulin; that is, watch every kind of sweet ingredient or sweetener that you put in your mouth, consume good fats and make certain you take the proper calcium, magnesium with D-vitamin daily, which you can locate on our website: livelonger123.com and click on supplement at the top of the page; these three together help their absorption.

Hormones, as well as magnesium, play an important role in overall health in general and have a specific role to play, when insulin is the issue. Hormones need to be tested to check for any imbalances but in this case, specifically DHEA, so DHEA may be elevated if necessary through our BHRT program.

Remember that when we bring DHEA up, we also bring up the critically important mineral magnesium, but you would not want to raise DHEA levels without first testing. It is key to test hormonal levels with a saliva panel and not blood, due to the fact the blood is centrifuged and this removes the red and white blood cells and, hormones are delivered to the receptor sites via the binding red blood cells. When there is an imbalance, even a 10% increase in magnesium and DHEA levels is associated with a 48% decrease in death from cardiovascular disease and a 36% decrease in mortality: from all causes.

There are 34-Major diseases associated with DHEA/ magnesium deficiency and I am only highlighting a few and I am separating the syllables-which are: angina pectoris, ar-rhyth-mia, asth-ma, ath-er-o-sclerosis, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), au-ri-cular fib-rill-a-tion, bu-limia, cancer, cardio-my-opathy, chronic fatigue, chronic bronchitis, congestive heart failure, cir-rhosis, depression, diabetes, em-phy-sema, gall bladder infections and stones, hearing loss, heart attack, high HDL/LDL, which is bad and worse cholesterol, hypertension, hypo-glycemia, chronic infection (viral and bacterial) intermittent clau-di-ca-tion (leg calf pain), kidney stones, migraine, mit-ral valve pro-lapse, osteo-porosis, panic attacks, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), benign prostate hyper-trophy, and strokes.

In no illness is the lack of DHEA /magnesium deficiency more prevalent than in my-o-car-dial infarction (acute heart attack). DHEA is a major reflector of overall health and stress reserves.

"With few exceptions, low or deficient DHEA is found in every illness. Most critically, DHEA blocks car-cin-o-gen-esis, retards aging and cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even obesity.

DHEA similarly has anti-diabetic action by sparing or enhancing the effects of insulin. DHEA protects against both immune and autoimmune disease; it enhances immune function, protecting against infections, especially viral infections, as well as protecting against cancer. As mentioned, It has very significant anti--obesity effects and a corresponding down-regulation of the stress response. High animal fat diets and obesity lead to low levels of DHEA. DHEA is ultimately related to thyroid function. Especially low thyroid production leads to low DHEA levels.

Low levels of DHEA have been reported in AIDS, Alzheimer's, many types of cancer, coronary artery disease, depression, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, lupus,
erythe-ma-tosus, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis and viral infections; in fact, almost all disease! Levels of DHEA decline with age.

Soil throughout the world is deficient in magnesium with the exception of the soil in Egypt. Most food in America has almost no magnesium, and most seniors may not be absorbing the little that they do get in their food due to being void in their diet for so long.

White flour and white sugar and the assortment of soft drinks are junk food that deplete magnesium and pose a serious detriment to health. Prescription drugs deplete magnesium from the body. Help us inform the world, get David Tippies book today by going to the website: www.LiveLonger123.com and click on Book.

Another major disease in which magnesium deficiency is rampant is diabetes. In fact, in diabetes, extreme magnesium loss is common. Magnesium is an important co-factor in the production of insulin by the pancreas. Normal total body magnesium is essential for glucose metabolism. The rampant magnesium deficiency in our society, from the depleted soils from which our food is grown, may be a contributing cause to the rapid increase of diabetes.

Cerebral palsy may be the result of magnesium deficiency as well. Mothers given intravenous magnesium just before giving birth are much less likely to have children who develop cerebral palsy. Both calcium deficiency and magnesium deficiency are important factors in hypertension, which is chronic high blood pressure.

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia; neither of these, are likely to be affected without magnesium replacement.

In depression, magnesium deficiency is universal. Magnesium replacement is one of the key elements for long--term success in what perhaps is the most common illness in the world, as well as exercise.

Magnesium and DHEA go together. When we raise intercellular magnesium, we are also raising DHEA. This is the natural way to raise the body's DHEA levels and to remain in balance. A catch in this equation is, that whole blood serum plasma and even white blood cell levels of magnesium, do not give an accurate picture of optimal magnesium. This is why our research is so vital. We have been using saliva panel testing over the course of 30-days for women, due to their cycle, and four saliva panels over the course of one day for men, who do not cycle. The accuracy for determining hormonal imbalance is 100% better from saliva than from blood.

There is new evidence that refined (or processed) grains lose their nutritional value, as well as to elevate insulin levels. Whole grains lose their health benefits when they are processed because they lose their fiber and become simple carbohydrates and become insulin disrupters that are not healthy for you.

Our fasting insulin level should be below 10. Most people would not need blood drawn to check their insulin levels, all they would need to do is just stay off of all sugar and complete what was just suggested to control insulin. It is easy to tell the difference from balance to imbalance, you will absolutely feel the difference.

A substitute for sugar, if your serotonin must be told you are taking in sweets, is raw bees honey, coconut oil, stevia or zylotol. To diabetics however, sugar consumption leads to the bodys over-production of insulin. This is the basis of the chronic diseases of the aging process and Syndrome X.

It takes sugar to make fat! Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are the leading cause of death today. Eating the good fat does not produce fat, nor does it produce insulin! As people eat more sugar, they produce more insulin, they become more and more insulin resistant and their weight goes up more and more perpetuating the problem. Then they develop Syndrome X, which is a cluster of health problems leading to accelerated aging, heart disease, diabetes and certain early death. Along the way, there is substantial evidence that elevated levels of insulin leads to colon, liver, pancreatic, breast, and endometrial cancer.

Since Syndrome X is a nutritional disease caused primarily by over-consumption of refined sugars and other simple carbohydrates, prescribed designer drugs actually exacerbate deficiencies and imbalances.

For example, statin drugs used to lower cholesterol, block the body's production of coenzyme Q10, and the lack of which, is a primary cause of heart failure.

Sugar is far more dangerous to Americans than government oppression, economic collapse, or any combination of killer diseases in world history. It is the most subtle FORM OF terrorism to the human race in the history of time.

Please do yourself a favor and get a copy of my book, Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness. Go to the website LiveLonger123.com and click on book.

The lack of good health education, which includes sugar Ignorance, guarantees more and more degenerative disease, oppression, and more suffering at the hands of those who are willing to put profit before the health and wellness of Americans.

Big pharmaceutical and medical sickness industry cartels, through their lobbyists, have been and are now, creating the massive increase costs of healthcare in our country due to their monopoly helped by our own government agencies, who are highly rewarded by the drug cartel I might add. The last thing the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry cartel needs, are a bunch of well people walking around; they need sick people to improve their profits.

Drugs and the ignorance of sugar is part of the absolute foundation of economic collapse nationally, of the healthcare system and the main cause of financial poverty, individually.

Ignorance of sugar is at the root of social breakdown, and has lead to a drugged society, broken homes, and the forcing of drugs on school children, all in the name of profit for big business.

The sugar disease is the biochemical basis of all degenerative disease, especially heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's.

Why are you not being told about sugar? The obvious answer to that is, it would mean far better and more widespread good health and happiness and therefore, far less trillions of dollars of profits, flowing to the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry cartel monopoly.

When we put our little ones to bed at night, do we think about how much sugar we have fed them today? We should. Do we even know what sugar is?

As we said before, sugar is in many dangerous forms are at the root of ill health. White sugar is bad enough, but aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, ace-sul-fame-k and fructose corn syrup, is far worse and now used in most all commercial foods and soft drinks. We are not only poisoning ourselves, we are poisoning our children.

In fact, these are the basic ingredients and the dominant ingredients in most candies, cakes, cookies, drinks and other processed food. Also very important, sugar is anything that produces glucose and insulin in the body. Now this is getting serious, because it includes all refined carbohydrates, including bread, snack foods, and all forms of pasta from macaroni to pizza and a huge amount more of the processed food.

Every father and every mother should dedicate whatever time it takes to learn and know with certainty, what sugar and refined carbohydrates are, and what they can do to degrade health.

Sugar is Americas number one addiction, beginning with little babies. May God liberate the world from this curse of plague but most especially, Americans! Get David Tippies book everyone, go to the website: LiveLonger123.com, click on book.

One concept that I would like to make well-known to save thousands and perhaps millions of lives, as soon as possible, is that diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, but a disease of insulin and perhaps more importantly, leptin signaling.

Until that concept becomes well-known to American families and therefore, cause more focus from the medical community and force them to change, we will keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome.

Until radio programs and research and published works such as my book Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness can be ramped up to educate more and more people, where we can reveal inadequacies of current profit driven conventional medical pharmaceutical sickness industry treatments with drugs, then chronic disease will be left to kill Americans, because of those who need disease to survive (the pharmaceutical sickness industry), because they dont need well people. We must be allowed a forum such as this radio program and my book to help the American people learn that health and wellness does not start and end, with the family doctor.

Typically medical pharmaceutical sickness industry treatment concentrates on masking a symptom with a drug, making you think some correction is taking place in the body, in the case we chose to review, elevated blood sugar, which would be treated conventionally with a drug to lower blood sugar, the drugs only mask the symptom rather than to treat the underlying disease which was more than likely caused by plaque buildup in arteries. Symptoms are generally the way that nature has taught our bodies to deal with a disease. For instance, a runny nose is a symptom designed to cleanse the nose and sinuses of viruses and or bacteria when one has been exposed to it. Taking a decongestant just inhibits our own body's mechanism for dealing with that infection and will therefore prolong the illness.

Similarly, treatments which concentrate merely on lowering blood sugar for diabetes while raising insulin levels, can actually worsen, rather than remedy, the actual problem of metabolic miscommunication. It just trades one evil for another.

Cell communication, due to our poor available food supply, must be assisted and maintained by our Rejuvenis poly ionic saccharides. Fruit and vegetables are picked green to survive packaging, shipping and their stay on the grocery shelf, and the ripening process was stopped or, another way of saying it is: Mother Nature was stopped from completing her job when her umbilical cord (the stem to the plant) was severed. Replacing these lost cell communicators, are vital and education is the only way Americans can realize this. Please do yourself and your family a favor, get David Tippies book Collapse of Drugs, due to wellness by going to our website: LiveLonger123.com and click on BOOK.

Elevated insulin levels are highly associated with, and even a causative factor of:

bulletheart disease,
bulletperipheral vascular disease,
bullethigh blood pressure,
bulletobesity and many other so-called diseases

Since most treatments for (type 2, insulin resistant) diabetes utilize drugs, which raise insulin or, actual insulin injections itself, the tragic result is that the typical, conventional medical treatment for diabetes, contributes to the manifest of side effects and the shortened lifespan which the diabetics experience.

To Be Victorious, One Must "Know Thy Enemy.

Traditional pharmaceutical sickness industry medicine appears certainly not to be aware, especially with diabetes. For two millennia diabetes has been considered to be a disease of sugar. Despite centuries of scientific progress including the discovery of insulin at the University of Toronto in 1921-22 and more recently leptin in 1994, the medical industry still does not understand diabetes. It appears that Pharma medicine has made little to no progress considering this myth. Furthermore, the actual purpose of insulin is widely, if not uniformly, mistaken among the medical community.

The Main Purpose Of Insulin Is Not To Lower Blood Sugar.

It may come as a surprise, to most, as well as to their doctor, that insulin's main role is not to control blood sugar. The control of blood sugar is mostly in an upward direction, not a downward direction. A few types of tissue and cells in our body such as red blood cells require glucose for energy (the rest can, and even desire, to burn fat, or byproducts of fat metabolism, called ketones). This means it is important to always have a little bit of glucose dissolved in our blood at all times. This is the very reason we suggest to our diabetic clients to take a teaspoon of raw bees honey before bedtime; to set up the body for the next days use and need of glucose.

The trick throughout most of our ancestral history was, to keep sugar in our blood from falling too low, since there was not that much sugar to be had in those days. Most starches and grains that would turn into sugar eventually, when consumed are mostly indigestible, unless they are cooked. You might even strain your jaw trying to eat an uncooked potato. But cooking reduces the food value.

The major source of sugar was fruit, which was tree ripened in those days, and extremely healthy due to Mother Natures umbilical cord not being cut before she was completed. That was a rich source of poly saccharides or, cell communicators as well, and that was mostly available only seasonally, and even then exercise was necessary to obtain it, exercise causes the burning of the sugar for energy and preventing it from spiking the serotonin very high. The presence of hormones like cortisone, epi-neph-rine, nor-epi-neph-rine, glucagon, and growth hormone make sure that we always have some glucose available to the tissue when we need it, that is if our endocrine system is in balance.

High Blood Sugar Was A Rarity Early On, Due To A Healthier Diet.

When your nutritional intake is correct, then when our blood sugar does become elevated, this is a sign that we had more energy available than we could currently burn and, if we did not burn the energy with exercise, the body sees this fat as a good thing, and decides that it to be a good idea to store the extra, in the stomach, hips and thigh area. "Waste not, want not." Food was not always available, so there was always feast or famine rule for the body.

When blood sugar becomes elevated, it is a signal for insulin to be released, to direct the extra energy into storage. Like animals preparing for hibernation.

A small amount of insulin is stored as a starch called glycogen in our body, but the majority is stored as our main energy supply -- fat. In this regard insulin's major role is not to lower sugar, but to take the extra energy when available, and store it for future times of need. Can you begin to see how obesity gets its start? Insulin lowers glucose, as a side effect of directing the extra into storage.

Insulin's purpose may go far beyond even that. Insulin is being researched very heavily by scientists who study the biology of aging. It has been found that when insulin is kept low either through diet or via genetic manipulation in studies, that animals live much longer and the rate of aging is significantly reduced. This appears true in many different species of animals from single cell yeast, to worms, to flies, and appears likely to be true also in primates.

Apparently, low insulin is a signal that energy is scarce and animals need to focus their energy needs on maintaining and repairing themselves so that they can outlive the famine they are in and to be able to reproduce at a future in a more opportune time. Insulin's purpose has gone from controlling blood sugar, to directing energy storage, and now to actually regulating the rate of aging, including the major symptoms of aging -- diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, dementia, and even cancer.

All Chronic Disease Is Due To Miscommunication Of Messages Between And Within Cells; a fact that a non-drug, natural product, OUR Rejuvenis Poly Ionic Saccharides can help to remedy.

As we state in seminars, all chronic disease is due to miscommunication of messages between and within cells and a high acidic, low oxygen environment of the body, which is the disease; cancer is only the symptom of disease. Certainly diabetes is a disease of insulin miscommunication, and recognizing insulin's true purpose certainly goes much deeper to the roots of diabetes and other chronic diseases; and we will attempt to go even deeper.

Insulin May Not Even Be The Most Important Hormone In Diabetes Or Other Chronic Diseases Of Aging.

That honor likely goes to leptin. Giving new urgency to the need of providing saliva testing to identify hormonal imbalances.

It appears that the hormone leptin is largely responsible for the accuracy of insulin signaling and whether one becomes insulin resistant or not.

Leptin, a relatively recently discovered hormone produced by fat, tells the body and brain how much energy it has, whether it needs more (telling you if you are hungry OR not), whether it should use up or get rid of some energy stored (and stop sending hunger signals) and importantly, what to do with the energy it has; should it reproduce, up-regulate cellular repair, or not; it all depends on the quality of your health, from your chosen good habits or, your chosen poor habits. Correct up-regulation and cell repair can only take place in a balanced endocrine system and the true test for this is, through saliva panel testing and then treatment should be through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy designed specifically for each persons needs, not a general topical cream or synthetic hormone pill. There is no one size fit all programs, which you may have been deceived into believing by your doctor at some point and time.

Recent compelling research reveals that the two most important organs that will determine whether one becomes (type 2, insulin resistant) diabetic or not, are the liver and the brain and, it is their healthy ability to listen to leptin that will determine this. Making sure that the liver cleans is what we suggest to our clients and becomes more and more critical, as we age, to insure the signaling is un-interrupted.

Leptin largely influences, if not controls, the manifest functions of the hypothalamus in the brain, including:


bulletThyroid function,
bulletAdrenal function,
bulletSympathetic nervous system.

Fat, and leptin, strongly influences chronic inflammation and therefore disease associated with inflammation, including heart disease, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. It appears now that rather than your brain being in control of your body, without the correct fat, the brain cannot control leptin; so fat, more specifically, Long chain fatty acids Omega-3s, are really in the driver's seat. We tell our clients that what they need to do, is to exponentially increase their Omega-3s due to the abundance of the Omeaga-6s in normal diet.

The Enemy Is Not Only Foreign To The Medical Community; It Appears To Not Even Be Recognized By Them.

It is no wonder that (type 2) diabetes has not been conquered.

By some estimates, diabetes has increased over 700% in the last 50 years. This reveals two very important facts.

bulletDiabetes cannot be primarily a genetic disease, since the prior statistic has taken place within the same generation and presumably essentially the same genetics.
bulletSomething that we have been doing, is obviously wrong and needs to be changed. (Processed Food, poor immune system and the lack of Omeaga-3 intake IS our opinion).

As I just stated, something in our food supply has changed to create these 21st century diseases. What has drastically changed is the vast availability of huge amounts of processed foods and fast foods, so that the normal diet is flooded with these non-foods. Processed foods are made with toxic man-made sugars and other toxins, which tend to be toxic to the body.

It is difficult, or perhaps even impossible, to actually prove that something is true.

However, it is not difficult to prove that something is false. Some Americans have been following (at least partially), for the last 50 years, the nutritional recommendations of a high complex carbohydrate, low saturated fat diet from the:

bulletAmerican Dietetic Association,
bulletAmerican Heart Association, and the
bulletAmerican Diabetes Association

That --in itself-- is an oxymoron, since most of those "complex" carbohydrates, such as potatoes, rice, cereals, pasta, and breads, rapidly turn to sugar and the excess sugar (glucose) rapidly turns into saturated fatty acids (palmitic acid; "palm oil"). Happening at the same time, with that oxymoron recommendation, have existed the increased incidences of diabetes and obesity, statistics that were not lowering, but in fact they were skyrocketing and has become one of the worst worldwide epidemics, which the world has ever seen.

Eating a high "complex" carbohydrate, low saturated fat diet for health and longevity has been shown, and perhaps even "proven," to be wrong as David mentioned. Minimal common sense would say, to try something else.

Diabetes Is A Disease Caused By A Lack of Good Nutrition And Poor Exercise Habits, And, It Is The Science Of Nutrition And The Understanding And Treatment Of The Lymphatic System That We Must Educate From.

Science is telling us that we must eat a diet that maximizes the accuracy of insulin and leptin signaling, allowing cells to better listen to their life-giving messages. The difficulty for those hormones to make us aware something is wrong and for them to be heard, is certainly reduced by balancing the endocrine system, proper available nutrition, exercise and taking our Rejuvenis Poly Saccharides for cell communication to help control the levels of insulin and leptin, which are therefore balanced. Proper testing is important to make certain your immune system is healthy and, these measurements, should they be poor, will alert you to become more diligent, if supplementing is shown to be necessary.

It has been hypothesized that high plasma glucose concentrations are responsible for increased mitochondrial free radical production and subsequent inactivation of gly-cer-al-de-hyde phosphate de-hydro-genase OR,(GAPDH) in vascular endothelial cells and other cells implicated in these complications; for these reasons and others, keeping your immune system highly functional, is critical and is easily monitored with the laser technology we have, which identifies the level of antioxidants in the tissue.

An excellent eating plan emphasizes eating a high fiber breakfast with one of the four acid fruits combined, also eating regularly, consuming good fats, and regular snacks between meals of healthy Mother Natures food, fruits and vegetables and should be consistently followed.

Adding these suggestions will improve any lifestyle, and, will greatly improve or reverse, type 2 "insulin resistant" diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and many other chronic diseases of the aging process, and even aging itself; as many of our clients can testify to. Clients can testify that they have been able to totally eliminate the use of their drugs, including insulin. Following these good health guidelines can help you become the very best that you can be and at the same time reverse the enormous calamity in our healthcare today.

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