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David Tippie was born in 1946 in a small town in Texas, called �Burnet� to a Mother (Dorothy who worked every day of David�s youth) and Father Bernard who was a World War II veteran and he worked up until the day he died. They both supported four children, David, his brother Richard, his brother Bernard Jr. now deceased. and his sister Mary Ellen.  His parents� life challenges of raising four children and their experiences in WWII taught them that hard work was the only solution to removing yourself from hard times and just how precious freedom is and how easily it can be lost.

David spent his first 12 years of public school in Austin Texas.  He received training in an after school educational training program while attending Mc Callum High School in Austin and the after school program was machinist and engineering. When he graduated from high school he was also a licensed machinist, the youngest in Austin at the time.

Shortly after graduation he was accepted in a paid educational program furnished by Brown & Root Inc., a Houston based corporation; where he graduated with honors and worked his way up through management with promotions to vice president of the Eastern Hemisphere.  Taking an early retirement, David attended Kansas City College for marketing and business management.  He began computer training from the company that he purchased his first computer system from in 1987 and he started a retail business.

30-years ago David noticed his aunts and uncles including his father, dying of what was determined, old age diseases and they were in their late 50" to early 60's. David made the statement to himself: David I don't know what you are going to do but you will start doing something right now. No stranger to problem and solution starting from his very beginning in the engineering environment of the machine shop education he received as a young man. He learned that a problem was simply something that did not have the solution applied to it yet. Higher education is only gained through passion for the subject and your willingness to research.

David's passion has been for the past 30 years, improved health naturally, studding physiology and alternative healthcare and prevention with a relentless pursuit. In 2001 he began a research and development center �Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc., where he has made his mark in the supreme make over market without invasive surgery. David has founded the �Face-lift without the knife� and a weight management concept that is at the cutting edge of Science. David is a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy specialist who has studied with the doctor who discovered that women cycle from their first period until they die. David has been fortunate to help many people to get off of their drug regimens and improve the quality of their health and longevity. Within the past (8-years) as the President, CEO and Nature-O-Path of his company; he has completed development of a new version of his clinic concept (8-steps to Aging Younger) as well as a strategy to replicate his clinic concept across America..

David is proud of his understanding of true American values, which are the style of economics that made this country great and pulled it out of every recession and depression, which was small business and he will help to create this across America. David is proud of his research development phase that has lead him to the campaign he has untaken; and that is to develop Aging Younger clinics (that duplicate his research and development center) in most major cities of the US. Creating massive small business where each will deliver the developed concept of the 8-steps to Aging Younger for each of their clients,  thereby building a worldwide client base due to the enormous success built into the concept.

David Tippie has worked tirelessly to promote his research and views utilizing every resource to get his message to the right person or group such as his latest book, Collapse of Drugs, due to Wellness that will ultimately help to educate people so that they may Age Younger.

David has spoken to various groups about his concept views and created this website (LiveLonger123.com)  to further exhibit his products and services offered. Since money is the key issue in any expansion, a relentless pursuit for an equity partner has been recently undertaken. Interested parties should contact David at: 954-742-4430 or email by accessing the website and selecting Contact.