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          All The Facts About Our Rejuvenis Max


All The Facts About Our Rejuvenis Max
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It's all right here. Research, our clinical studies, facts, truth, everything you need to know to take control of your future. If you don't find it here, call the experts of the Anti-Aging Clinic at: 954-742-4430.

Over the years, we have been asked many questions about Anti-Aging therapies, nutritional benefits, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injection verses spray nutraceutical rGH  by concerned every day people and even from doctors and scientists.

What all have in common is a desire to educate themselves to such a level that they can trust they will  get results. Our promise is that our research and formulations will work in your life but it takes  your daily commitment.

 Our team has put together a compilation of questions and answers, written at the understanding of almost every one to our formulators over the years. As always, if there is a question left unanswered, please contact us.

A statement from David Tippie; President of the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc.

Our motto is: Quality of life along with Quantity. It's not how long you live; it's how long you live well. We want you to be climbing Mount Everest at 97 or canoeing down the Colorado at 100 years old and still be as healthy as you can be.

What role does Human Growth Hormone ("HGH") play in our bodies and how does it change as we age? 

The hormone valve is wide open and hormones are roaring through us at age twenty. That valve closes slowly through out our advanced years. Lack of hormone production helps us to become frail, brittle, flaccid, weak, and ultimately, biologically depleted. Through science, we are discovering what causes this and what we can do about it.

Less and Less HGH is produced as we age, without supplementation and your ability to utilize it also diminishes. You are brimming full of hormones at age 20 and by the time you reach 60 you have 10 times less naturally occurring HGH. This depletion causes debilitating and even deadly results.

To add to the debilitating results your body increases the production of the canceling agent called an antagonist, which cancels out growth hormone. Growth Hormone is somatostatin, pronounced (SomaTostatin). As we age our body produces less and less growth hormone and more of the canceling out agent, somatostatin. This is a cause and effect that can be circumvented with long-term use of our Rejuvenis Max growth factor. Read the simple to understand article provided by our scientific team of formulators called the dead zone by clicking on it here: Death Zone . The article goes into detail about this and may change some of your views.

Due to the powerful regenerative effects of Rejuvenis Max recombinant GH on the organs and the overall systems of the body, we have had many clients after six months to one year of use enjoy the elimination of the aches and pains and some associated problems of aging. However we never state that they will emphatically produce these results, so that we conform with the FDA & FTC requirements placed on non-pharmaceutical drugs.

In addition to wanting to do all that you can, to slow down the aging process, there are many reasons to supplement with Rejuvenis Max recombinant GH spray and our Rejuvenis natural supplements throughout your life. For instance, those who are type 2 diabetics, or others with auto-immune issues such as Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, arthritis, etc., could greatly benefit by supplementing with a regimen of our Rejuvenis products and certainly our Rejuvenis Max spray growth factor, for many more reasons than we explore here.

Another question posed: Have you made clinical studies of your rGH product? 

Yes, we have. We have three fundamental clinical studies as well as having an extraordinary scientific formulator and scientific staff who for many years has collected customer feedback. Please click on this link and you can review the clinical studies; click here: Rejuvenis Max recombinant GH.

View the forensic analysis

In the coming months we will release our newest supplement that will assist the Rejuvenis Max. You can view the forensic analysis of gray hair returning to the color of black from David M. Sugiyama, who is a criminalist for the Los Angeles Police Dept. as a result of using our product to be released in the future:

Forensic Hair Shaft Sample (1)
Forensic Hair Shaft Sample (2)
Forensic Hair Shaft Sample (3)

These studies and their clinical results are very significant for all of us. We have provided you with information from our fellow pioneers and friends who have been instrumental in personally assisting us in the strength and development of Anti-Aging Research Laboratories of our formulators and scientific colleagues over many years. Read what Dr. Delgado writes in his book "#1 Way to fitness" about rGH. See what our friendly Dr. Shippen writes in his book "The Testosterone Syndrome" about testosterone (which our new product can help you regulate whether you are a man or a woman). Read what fellow pioneer Dr. Dittman has done with rGH. Dr. Dittman and our formulators and scientific colleagues have worked closely together, sharing the same vision since the mid 90's. Our team of doctors, scientists, and researchers has dedicated their lives to providing a choice for you.

Next question: What is somatotropin or Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

Somatotropin ( SoMAHtoeTRO'pin, aka: Growth Factor, hGH, HGH, Growth Hormone, GH, Human Growth Hormone) is naturally produced by the anterior Pituitary gland in the brain (see picture below). HGH is known as the "master hormone" because it exerts effects over all other hormones in the body. It is present in all body tissues. Every normal individual produces HGH naturally, but hormone production tends to become altered and significantly reduced as we age. This reduction (decline) is associated with many of the negative effects of aging. At 20 you have 10 times what you will have at 60 with out supplementation.

Hundreds of studies have been done on the controlled administration of HGH in adults and the high dose of the injectable has been shown to produce side effects. Aside from the negative side effects, HGH has been shown to raise energy levels, enhance lean muscle development, decrease body fat, strengthen the heart, improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels which produce the bad and worse cholesterol HDL/LDL, fortify bones, smooth out skin wrinkles due to osmotic pressure and skin thickening, sharpen memory, improve sexual function, regenerate damaged tissue, strengthen the immune system as well as improve sleep.

Somatotropin (HGH) is spoken of in three different "categories." The categories have letter designations. The letter designation indicates where the hormone comes from. The term "GH" can be used to indicate any of these categories.

The term hGH and rGH are distinct and separate categories of somatotropin. Growth Hormone. hGH stands for Human Growth Hormone, and it is used whenever talking about the somatotropin hormone actually produced by the human body.

rGH stands for "recombinant" Growth Hormone, and it is used to describe the process in which somatotropin is synthesized in the FDA approved laboratory.

This "synthesized" somatotropin has the EXACT molecular (bio-identical) structure and characteristics of the body's own Growth Hormone.

Recombinant is simply a term to indicate that it's produced in an FDA approved laboratory, just like insulin is produced today for diabetics. Somatotropin is no longer harvested from human or animal part sources like it was 30 years ago. Our Rejuvenis Max formulation is developed utilizing the highest quality source Growth Hormone from the leading FDA approved manufacturer in America. And, unlike the costly injectable form of HGH, which has been shown to cause side effects such as joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergic reactions, edema and tumor growth, our Rejuvenis Max rGH is safe, has no side effects and inexpensive as compared to injectable GH.

Another question: How exactly does somatotropin (HGH) work in the body?

Somatotropin (HGH) from the pituitary gland works by stimulating protein production and synthesis in all tissues of the body. This results in an increase in organ healing and regeneration, which is associated with increase resistance to illness and injury.

In the skin, documentation regarding somatotropin (HGH) supplementation has shown increased collagen synthesis, which makes the skin thicker and smoother. In the bone, these studies showed increased bone density. In the internal organs and sex organs, research showed markedly improved function.

The immune system, research also showed increased immune system regulation and activity, resulting in fewer infectious illnesses. In adults, HGH is necessary for proper repair and regeneration of injured tissues.

One of the widely reported results of somatotropin (HGH) supplementation is the effect it has on the body's sexual centers. Research shows heightened desire and function in both men and women.

Beginning around the age of 20 years old, our natural production of somatotropin (HGH) begins to decline at the average rate of 14% per decade.

By the age of 40, somatotropin (HGH) production has decreased 30% over our youthful production level, and by the age of 60, by 80% on average. The decline in somatotropin (HGH) correlates with many of the effects of aging including loss of lean body mass (muscle, bone, skin and internal organs), increase in total body fat, thinning and wrinkling of skin, decreased immune function and decreased sexual desire and function.

As a result of the decline in somatotropin (HGH), and because it is the master hormone, other hormones also decline with age, such as Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and DHEA, as well as many other important mood-elevating hormones. Examples of other hormones that also decrease are thyroid and thymus hormones, which can cause menopause in women and andropause in men.

Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women, starts with an 11-panel saliva test collected over the course of one month. This is the only method of finding out the complete month long profile of a woman's cycle. Every woman cycles from the first day she has her period until she dies, no matter if she has had a complete hysterectomy; her endocrine system will not change simply because a doctor removed organs and tissue from her body. Please see our link to hormone therapy.

Another question: What are the facts about getting growth hormone into the body so it works?

The (rGH) /(HGH) molecule is very large. By itself, it cannot be absorbed into the body. It requires a delivery mechanism known as a vector. Most companies do not use a specific delivery mechanism. They crudely mix (rGH)/ (HGH) in water, alcohol, or glycerin, without a delivery mechanism, which renders it essentially unable to be absorbed by your body. Furthermore, alcohol fractures the delicate molecule and renders it useless.

 There are also many amino acid based products sold claiming to increase HGH. Although amino acids are the building blocks to hormone and cellular production, amino acids alone do not raise your HGH levels. You are simply being lied to. Although GH is itself a complex amino acid, it cannot be swallowed in any form because it becomes digested and destroyed by the acids within your stomach. In serum tests at safe doses, there is no significant increase of actual HGH in your blood by taking amino acids. Additionally, the claim is made to increase HGH by having an increased IGF-1 level (insulin like growth factor) response, but this does not significantly increase your levels of HGH. IGF can be elevated by eating a candy bar and nothing will happen to the HGH

levels; See the IGF-HGH Warnings! 

Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) regulates growth hormone and it has been used as a test for the presence of HGH in your blood. However, the IGF-1 marker is very unreliable. The following demonstrates how unreliable IGF-1 testing is: When you consume a good portion of food, your IGF-1 levels soar and your HGH levels plunge. When you go without eating, the opposite happens, HGH soars, and IGF-1 plunges.

Amino acid supplements imitate HGH to the liver causing an IGF-1 response. Due to the many factors that can raise and lower IGF-1, this test is considered unreliable by most scientists and researchers for measuring the presence of HGH in your body. Only efficiently delivered and assimilated rGH will make a difference in your body. A fact supported by any endocrinologist.

Furthermore, high levels of IGF-1 alone (without the appropriate ratio of HGH in your blood) have been associated with the elevated risk of several cancers. Therefore, protect your health from those who claim to raise IGF-1 without using actual GH to accomplish it, a candy bar will do the same thing.

Read about the IGF-1 Abstract our research team provided to the world to stop this gross misrepresentation.

Another question: How does Rejuvenis Max Ingestible GH actually get into the body?

With Rejuvenis Max Ingestible GH, we use a specific delivery method. Scientific research has made significant progress and it is now feasible for some large molecules to be effectively delivered. Our Rejuvenis Max rGH spray, with its unique formulation, utilizes a patented delivery vector technology to transport somatotropin (HGH) into the bloodstream.

We use a charged micro-encapsulated delivery method. The rGH molecule is very large and wonderfully unique. The rGH properties make it different in the large molecule world. The fundamental principle is cross-linking. The rGH molecule elongates and as a result it becomes very thin much like spaghetti and because rGH molecules in the 191 amino acid structure are wound like a conch shell with few crossovers, it now can retain its integrity and be thin enough to pass through the mucosal walls and into the system without process of liver function. If this were insulin, which ironically is much smaller in molecular size, our technology would not be able to have it delivered into your system due to its highly cross-linked, brittle nature. The more cross-links a molecule has, the less elasticity it has. You can stuff a large rubber band through a small hole and pull it out the other side still intact. Now, since the molecule is negatively charged and the human body is positive, when introduced to the oral mucosal tissue, the polarity of the new molecule stretches like two opposing magnetic fields. Since our base rGH molecule is large and elastic, metaphorically, this is what we do with Rejuvenis Max Ingestible GH with regard to having the molecule be delivered to the cell receptor sites.

Another question: What does the term "ingestible" growth hormone mean?


  The term "ingestible", as used to describe our Rejuvenis Max Ingestible Growth Hormone spray, is not referring to it being digested in the stomach. In the case of Rejuvenis Max "ingestible" refers to it being "ingested" into your body by the direct transmucosal pathway of absorption (through the inner cheek of your mouth and under your tongue) to transport the Rejuvenis Max formulation directly, effectively and efficiently to the bloodstream, thereby never having to enter the acidic and disruptive digestive tract (this is why we ask that you hold the Rejuvenis Max in your mouth for a minute or two before swallowing it). If you are familiar with oral supplements such as the nutrient "sublingual Co-Q-10 or other oral products whose directions ask you to hold the substance under your tongue to dissolve, then our Rejuvenis Max is quite similar. Rejuvenis Max is not a drug; it�s simply a nutritional dietary supplement.


Another question: Who should take somatotropin or HGH supplements?

There are basically three groups that benefit from taking somatotropin (HGH) supplements. The first group is the over 30 years old population who want to delay or help reverse the effects of aging, improve their quality of life, develop a more youthful physical appearance or enhance their sex life.

The second group is the sports performance enthusiast who wishes to increase strength, stamina, flexibility and the visible results desired from their workouts.

The third group are elderly adults, persons with a sedentary lifestyle, persons with no detectable HGH by blood test, and persons with compromised immune systems.

The benefit any one person receives is dependent upon their current natural somatotropin (HGH) production. The lower your current somatotropin (HGH) levels, the more you will benefit from our Rejuvenis Max. Overall, research studies indicate that 90-95% of the over 25 population could benefit from taking a somatotropin (HGH) supplement.

Legal Disclaimer: HGH Therapy is not recommended for Pregnant or nursing mothers, women trying to conceive, people taking prescription steroid drugs, and anyone with a current or prior diagnosis of cancer.

What is your opinion about the use of growth hormones on cancer patients or on those who have been cured of a past cancer condition. Would you consider it as a preventive or would there be any benefits derived?

We have had clients claim that their cancer went into remission for whatever reason. For legal purposes, we cannot imply or say that our products have any effect on cancer or any other disease, and because other conjunctive treatments were perhaps done as well.

Two medical researchers, Dr. Chen and Dr. Terry performed treatments of over 800 patients with high doses of HGH injections for two years. It is important to note that with injectable HGH, symptoms of side effect may take longer to appear. As of their last report, there have not been any reports of cancer from any of their patients. As Dr. Terry stated, "With 800 people over the age of about 40, you would think that given normal incidence rate of cancer, some of these people would get cancer. It could be that there is some sort of protective effect from growth hormone replacement not yet known." Possibly, since cancer seems to be result of an immune deficiency and HGH strengthens the immune system, this may be a cause and effect situation. Based on these studies, it is our opinion that a lack of GH could be one of the critical factors why we develop many cancers later in life.

We have served many clients over many years. To date, no one has ever claimed that our Rejuvenis Max rGH has ever caused any side effect, including cancer. Therefore, along with many Doctors and Scientists, we would contend that supplementation with Rejuvenis Max would make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

Just as a note, we do suspect non-GH elevated levels of IGF-1, which destroy the ratio of GH to IGF-1, could potentially promote cancer development, so please be careful about listening to the information from the careless people who claim to raise IGF-1 without utilizing actual GH to do it.

Another question: What is its effect on diabetics?

GH injections exacerbate diabetes symptoms because of the normal doses, which are enormous amounts (International Units) injected in type II diabetics. Because the low dose Rejuvenis Max (nanograms per ml) mimic the natural pulsatile effects of the pituitary, it may significantly help diabetics, as well as kidney and pancreas regeneration.

Clients who are Type II diabetics have reported that Rejuvenis Max has benefited them, although we do suggest that you continue to monitor your blood sugar levels and follow the medical advice of your physician, and to tell your doctor about all the supplements you are taking.

Another question: Will HGH supplementation help me lose weight and body fat?

It can. Declining levels of HGH can cause us to gain unwanted pounds too easily, as our metabolism slows down and we become older. However, with Rejuvenis Max rGH you can directly address this very critical reason as to why you're unable to effectively lose the weight of body fat, and keep it off. HGH has also been proven to specifically help reduce hard to remove fat in the abdominal area. HGH helps to re-shape the body, helping you to eliminate fat and build lean, hard muscle.


There have been many clinical trials that have demonstrated that true HGH administration is an effective method for both losing weight and body fat. However, please remember, the results you can expect will begin to occur as your body gradually transitions towards its more youthful metabolism. This process can take several weeks to accomplish as well as to see the first signs of improvement to be recognized by you. We ask that you please be patient, follow our suggestions of supplementation, diet and exercise, and you will begin to see the permanent weight loss of body fat results you desire. Thousands of our loyal customers have let us know this to be their personal experience. Please understand, Rejuvenis Max is not a magic bullet, however, we believe it is the most powerful catalysts for physical transformation we have ever seen. If you choose to eat in an unhealthful manner and do not properly supplement and exercise, you can still expect some results with the use of Rejuvenis Max but not the excellent results derived when combined with a consistent healthy diet, correct supplements, sufficient rest and plenty of ionized water. We suggest that you also follow our 10 Step Plan to obtain the best Performance Results.

Move your body; we are not statues our lymphatic system requires movement.

Eat mostly an all Natural Food Diet

Take verifiable Dietary Supplements (We provide testing)

You Must Properly Hydrate (Drink ionized Water from our Aging Younger water ionizer)

Get Plenty of Fresh Air and Sunshine

Reduce Stress (With exercise, walks in the woods to stimulate good thoughts)

Explore Alternatives to Pharmaceutical Medicine

Proper Rest and Relaxation

Don't Smoke and Limit Alcohol

Develop Satisfying Relationships

Another question: Will Rejuvenis Max help me improve my sports and exercise performance?

Yes. Of course, Rejuvenis Max won't specifically improve your skill levels, however, since HGH therapy has been shown to improve endurance, stamina, energy levels, cardiac output, respiratory function, injury healing, muscle strength, lean muscle development, weight problems, and joint flexibility, these increases can also lead to improved levels of sports and exercise performance.

Many health minded people, not just athletes, have discovered the benefits of increasing their levels of HGH to help them achieve maximum levels of health and physical fitness. We suggest that you also review our 10 Step Plan Outlined above to obtain the best Performance Results.

Another question: Will you tell me a bit more about Rejuvenis Max and how it compares to other similar type products?

Rejuvenis Max is the highest quality, non-prescription somatotropin (HGH) replenishing formulation available from any source. Its foundational material is recombinant (naturally synthesized in a FDA approved laboratory) somatotropin (HGH) from natural sources. Rejuvenis Max formulators use NO animal extracts, contains NO Brain glandulars, NO Pituitary peptides, NO Steroids, NO Bovine (cow) and NO Porcine (pig) products. Rejuvenis Max formulas are entirely unique.

Rejuvenis Max is distinctly different from so-called HGH "boosters", "stimulators", "promoters", "precursors", "secretagogues", "effervescents", "IGF-1 maximizers", "supporting compounds and synergists", and other (claimed) similar but inferior products - whether found in the form of a pill, powder, patch, liquid, capsule or spray.

Those products contain NO HGH, even though their labels are carefully worded to make you believe that they do (Some companies do admit this, but only in the fine print). These companies want to claim and associate themselves with the headlines and benefits of true HGH, but there is one very big problem: Their products contain no HGH. The lack of a true and effective product is purposely hidden behind all of their marketing rhetoric.

Most of these "stimulator" type products are questionable at best. The technological and sophistication required to have one's body metabolically transport and deliver a large molecule such as HGH is out of the reach of virtually all supplement companies, and even many pharmaceutical corporations.

The key with HGH is that its molecular structure follows an exact sequence, which must be kept intact for effective absorption and assimilation. At the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc.,Inc, we uniquely provide not only the finest formulation, but additionally; our specialized formulation effectively stabilizes the HGH in liquid solution so that the strength of HGH is delivered to you with each and every spray. And importantly, we also provide the precise delivery vector (technological transport and delivery system) necessary to bring this exact sequence and strength of true HGH.

You may have heard this cautionary statement before:


Please make an informed an educated decision before you waste your hard earned dollars on products that don't deliver.

If you see any advertisement that makes similar like claims such as "up to 80% improvement in fat loss, and you can erase 10-20 years in a few weeks or months", or "many 'miraculous' benefits", then you can be certain that their product will never perform. At Anti-Aging Clinic we don't sell empty promises. We provide the proven best, highest quality growth hormone supplements available from any source.

If all you see is exclamation points (!), pretty pictures, flashing lights, and endless hype, then that's all you'll be getting. If your interest lies in sincerely obtaining the best results possible, then we're here to help.

Please don't become confused by carefully worded advertising and so-called remarkable "testimonials", "study's", "clinical trials" and "statistics" touted by dubious companies that have recently flooded the marketplace intending on making a quick dollar. Most of those inferior products cost their marketers LESS THAN one dollar ($1.00)! A well-informed and educated consumer would not knowingly throw away their hard earned money.

And quite importantly, if anyone could possibly derive any benefits at all from any of the inferior HGH "stimulator" products, then just consider the true benefits they could realize in their lives if they actually took our leading product, Rejuvenis Max.

Another question: How do I take Rejuvenis Max?

Rejuvenis Max is sprayed into the open mouth. It has a nice fresh taste and the usual dose is up to 3 sprays under the tongue or on the inner cheek of the mouth 2 times a day, morning and just before bedtime. It's simple, easy and convenient to use.

Another question: How long should it take before I begin to see results?

Since there are many factors to consider when anticipating results from HGH therapy (such as one's age, unique metabolism, exercise frequency, dietary habits, current health status, etc.), it is difficult to establish exact timeframe's as to when all persons will recognize results. In view of this, the expected timeframe for each person will vary. Some general guidelines would be 2 to 4 weeks for improvement in overall well-being, with many more benefits beginning to be realized near the 3 month point. By 6 months, a significant degree of cellular transformation should be occurring and many specific benefits should be recognized. The process of cellular transformation does take a reasonable period of time. To expect instant results is unrealistic, however, if you believe in our products and take them faithfully as thousands of our loyal and satisfied customers have done, then you, too, can be successful in your desire to look younger, feel better, and have more energy to live your life. To begin to see results, we recommend a three (3) to (6) month program, which includes the correct Rejuvenis supplements. And importantly, due to age related hormone decline, we suggest you always take Rejuvenis Max rGH.

Another question: Why should I take the other Rejuvenis supplementation provided by the Anti-Aging Clinic along with  Rejuvenis Max?

Imagine sitting in a brightly lit room in your home and there are workers in your garage that just turned on a huge power saw that causes an electrical power drain. All of a sudden, the lights get much dimmer. This is called a "brown out" since there isn't enough power to go around. Yes, you're ultimately going to receive the benefit of a newly built garage, but the new development activity requires more electrical energy to get it done. The power saw represents the new metabolic activity occurring in your body when you take Rejuvenis supplementation along with our Rejuvenis Max. Yes, your body is regenerating with Rejuvenis Max and you�ll be pleased with the newly built result, but in the meantime, you�ll need a bit more energy to compensate for this newly generated metabolic activity and that means added supplements. If you had a garden in your backyard where you could eat only vine ripened vegetables and you also had fruit trees where you could consistently eat tree ripened fruit, then you would not need supplementation. But can you get this type of food?

The carefully engineered nutrients in our Rejuvenis supplement and Rejuvenis Max provide the additional power you will greatly benefit from as a result of the cellular regeneration and protein synthesis that occurs when Rejuvenis Max is taken. If you prefer to take either Rejuvenis Max without supplementation, you will certainly still receive noticeable benefits.

Indication of positive cellular regeneration

When one begins the Rejuvenis Max protocol, in more cases than not, one can experience a brief "down" period (a feeling of reduced energy). Scientifically, this is due to the fact that HGH promotes increased metabolic activity and is an indication of positive cellular regeneration; a sign that it is working.

HAM'S MEDIUM, Your Body's Cellular Requirements

In order to keep one's body running healthfully, all living things need an unceasing supply of energy, nutrients, and specific building blocks. One useful way to discover the nutritional needs of body cells is to attempt to culture them in the laboratory (in vitro) and then see what nutrients make them flourish (replicate). There are many ingredients needed in the nutrient medium for culturing human cells. In order to have a truly healthy cell, the cell requires carbohydrates, proteins, DNA, RNA and many other nutrients from which it can then assemble cell membranes, ribosome's, mitochondria and so on. The nutrient medium required for proper cellular regeneration is called Ham's Medium (which establishes the nutrient ";medium" for efficient cellular regeneration).

Our Rejuvenis Max and Rejuvenis supplement are scientifically engineered to augment the primary context of Ham's medium and flood the cells with the nutrients it needs for optimum function and to help the body synthesize other compounds to complete the nutritional requirements of cells. The result is maximized regeneration, energy, strength, clarity, and looking your best. Without them, there's a certain likelihood you will probably "brown out" and feel like you want to stop taking Rejuvenis Max because it's unpleasant to feel "run down" while your body is going through a transformation. The few people who suffer this unpleasantness, out of the thousands who do not, sadly may quit during this initial regeneration period.

Therefore, it is our request that you trust in our knowledge and research to know what your body needs to heal and regenerate. Many others before you have greatly benefited from our additional supporting supplementation.

Another question: Can I take Rejuvenis Max with my prescribed medications?

Since we have no knowledge of your medical history and cannot give medical advice, a qualified medical doctor who is familiar with natural healthcare and/or anti-aging medicine would be the best person to advise you legally. Please understand it is human nature for a non-specialized practitioner to fear what they do not understand. Because of the highly specialized nature of medicine, many doctors who practice general medicine know very little about alternatives and because of rampant malpractice lawsuits may automatically tell you not to take many supplements. We are in a time of overwhelming information and we must often rely on our own education and understanding.

Another question: Are there any side effects?

There have been no reported side effects with the use of Rejuvenis Max. The Physicians� Desk Reference (PDR) has documented this. Occasionally, due to the fact that everyone's metabolism is different, some individuals may feel a bit tired-like for the first few days or weeks as we spoke of earlier. This will commonly pass after their bodies have adjusted to the new metabolic regeneration activity and detoxification system activation due to the regenerative action of Rejuvenis Max. One reason we recommend utilizing our Rejuvenis supplementation in conjunction is to eliminate the possibility of this potentially occurring.

Another question: Is Rejuvenis Max approved by the FDA?

Rejuvenis Max is recognized as a dietary supplement by the FDA, the same as many oral health supplements are. They are not drugs or medications and do not require a prescription. Therefore, Rejuvenis Max does not require FDA approval.

Another question: How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of Rejuvenis Max is 1 ounce or 30 ml., or approximately a 30-day supply. Each daily group of 6 sprays that you take equals approximately 1 ml with 6000 nanograms of somatotropin (HGH) per spray. Also, we can customize your delivery dates for your product with an auto-ship program. After you have placed your initial order for both Rejuvenis Max and our Rejuvenis supplementation, email us with your order number and weight and we will customize your delivery date for product.

Another question: How should I store Rejuvenis Max?

Due to the micro-encapsulation, refrigeration is not required. At normal room temperatures, Rejuvenis Max has shelf life of five years.

Another question: How secure is ordering Rejuvenis Max online?

Our information data encryption with pay-pal is a sophisticated form of data encryption available; you are assured of the utmost security and safety. You'll be glad to know that your personal information is safe, secure and will not be shared by us with any third party at any time.

We respect your privacy and are dedicated to making the Internet a safe environment for hassle-free shopping. You can order right now over the Internet without having to worry if your information is safe and secure.

Another question: How can I learn more?

We are passionate about research and have an abundance of it available on our website link professional's index. We are consistently researching, testing and developing new products and formulas as well as different delivery vectors. An uneducated consumer can be a danger to themselves and others. Poor and confusing advice is everywhere. We are dedicated to improving your education, because your choice to live a longer healthier life should be made simple

We ship to our clients from our corporate office, in Lauderhill Florida.

We want you to know what we have researched and you should not have to have a doctorate to understand it. Our staff always tries to simplify the science with regard to our supplements so it is easy for everyone to understand their benefits. If for any reason you have any questions, we ask that you e-mail or call us and we�ll strive to help you understand the features and science behind our products. We sincerely wish to earn your trust, and welcome any and all communication with you. We also suggest that you join in on our radio broadcasts; you can do that by going to our website and selecting Radio.

The result of taking our products is a great relationship and leaves you with a healthy, younger body. Our phone number is: 954-742-4430


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Because of the unscrupulous advertising practices from the manufacturers of inferior dietary products, the FDA & FTC have made it clear that we may use the correct printed information that indicates rGH spray is indeed Growth Hormone on our website but that no-one may use the word Growth Hormone on the bottle containing the product for sale to the public; because we must fly under the radar screen. We must use Growth Factor instead, which is perfectly acceptable. We must also place the following statement on our website:

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. OverTheCounter Rejuvenis Max is produced according to the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States. Furthermore, with respect to our Rejuvenis Max and Somastatin products, in order to comply with current FTC requirements, we must state all anti-aging benefits mentioned are associated with the injectable form of somatotropin and not our OTC HPUS products


[disclaimer] �These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. Products or treatment reflected on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.�