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The Dead Zone

This data summarizes the almost imperceptible process of aging and the results of the gradient decline of hormones such as human growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen and somatostatin inhibition (the anti HGH), amino acid supplementation, and much more. In short, when you are done reading this, you will know what the human body is up against and what you can do about anti-aging.

You have probably heard the anecdote that goes something like this: If you put a frog in a pan of hot water it will jump right out. If you put it in cool water and turn up the heat slowly, the frog will remain there until it dies.

The frog doesn't notice the subtle changes in temperature. Many humans do the same thing with their aging bodies. They go through life oblivious (or in denial) until it's too late.


Clinical studies prove that the most powerful gland we have, safely shielded in the middle of our heads, called the hypothalamus pituitary, is just as capable of producing hormones at ninety years of age as it is at twenty years of age. However, something in the brain begins to slow down as we age.

The brain slowly closes the hormone valves of youth until these hormones are just a trickle and we begin to feel chronically tired, weary and shocked and in denial at what the mirror reflects back to us.

We slowly and imperceptibly waste away. Once we felt as if we could conquer anything the future could throw our way. Then one day we are just a little more fatigued, short-winded, pained, sleepless, or we are not as interested in sex and our sexual passion seems to dim.

What used to be the brilliant Technicolor of life has begun to steadily fade to a washed out blur. It becomes more pleasurable to relax in the lounge chair than go for a walk.

We tiredly mumble another "not tonight honey" to our spouse. Our mind begins to rationalize mediocrity. We begin to tell ourselves that complacency is OK.

We reason: "I'm just overworked or stressed or "it's been a hard day, week, year, and before we know it, it's a couple of decades," or; "this is the way married couples act after a while."

We tell ourselves that "This too shall pass," but it never passes. It just keeps getting worse until we are just an ashen hull of our agile and energetic younger self.

This is the despair of aging. For some it's a quiet desperation and a wistful, decrepit death. But for some, it can be an exciting challenge that is strategically fought, with minimal casualties. But first, you must clearly identify your enemy.

We must know our enemy!

The greatest war strategist in recorded history was the Chinese warrior Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu in his epic book "Art of War" said you must " . . . know both the enemy and yourself . . . "

Who and what is that enemy? That enemy is the ravages of aging. What is happening within you? Most of us truly have no clue.

If we did, we would realize the incredible malevolence that our enemy has and that the enemy is living within and around us every second of our lives.

This unseen enemy is taking thousands of unseen shots and stabs and bites at us from all directions.

The enemies range from free radical oxidization all the way to our body's inability to produce good quality amino acids from our diet.

Amino acids are the fundamental ingredients our body uses to produce the youth restoring hormones of life, like Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Estrogen, etc.

Without hormones we can die a slow miserable, achy, listless death. As we age we see the decline in our ability to enzymatically break down food into amino acids. In addition, most processed foods have little of the critical enzymes left in them. We no longer enjoy the natural bounty of live fresh vine ripened vegetables and tree ripened fruit rich in enzymes. The cooked food that we eat has had most of the amino acids destroyed.

This leaves the body with no enzymes and no amino acids and cripples the ability to make good amino acids out of the enzymes, and critical hormones out of those amino acids.

Enzymes and amino acid supplementation are one part of this critical battle that we must fight for a robust life. Without a full complement of amino acids we will make poor quality hormones.

Unfortunately, this is only the front line of battle.


The real war is being waged in the ultimate think tank, the military intelligence of life itself; our very own brain.

The fertile food and water supply of the past is implied for the youth we speak of below, not the fast food obese population we are fast progressing toward.

At the beginning of adolescence, your brain, this infinitely powerful computer, throws a massive hormone switch. Boys begin to put on muscle mass and their bones increase in size, the vocal cords thicken and the sex drive becomes ravenous.

Girls begin to round-out and their bodies begin the preparation for the ultimate hormone miracle, giving birth to another human being. For the next twenty or thirty years we are strong and seem almost immortal.

This resilience is nature's way of allowing us to be strong enough to defend our offspring until they're autonomous and independent. After that, we've fulfilled our biological directive. Then nature no longer has a purpose for us (even though WE still do) and just like a flower that has served its purpose, we wither away and die. STOP!!! Rewind!!! Let's read on and see if we can change the outcome of the story, shall we?

Just like the hormone switch that was flipped at adolescence, after a few short decades the brain slowly turns the roaring rapids of hormones into a parched trickle.

This is when our stamina, athletic performance, mental output, sex drive and our outward beauty, internal resilience and suppleness begin to fade.

This fade is so discrete that we hardly notice the ravages of time until it's often too late. So what can you do?


The body is a complex laboratory of amino acids that form unique hormones. The brain controls, for the most part, the symphony of when, where and in what quantity the hormones are produced.

Hormones are made of delicate chains of two or more amino acids called peptides and in the past were only available by harvesting the brains of dead bodies and extracting the hormones.

Now, thanks to advances in science and the universal desire to reverse aging, scientists have for the past 20 years been able to isolate and reproduce many of these peptides by building amino acid chains in the laboratory that are identical to those produced in the brain.

Studies of peptides have been ongoing since the 1920's. Some more famous peptides are the growth hormone peptides of recent time (GHRP 6, GHRP 2).

The growth hormone contained in the injections and some ingestible (sublingual) spray products is called "recombinant" because it is made of "recombined" amino acids.

These peptides are VERY expensive to produce and injections of the recombinant hormone can range in price from $10,000 to $30,000 for one year of treatment. If you've ever wondered why a genuine GH spray made with recombinant Growth Hormone is so expensive, this is why.

These peptides which are created in laboratories are all known as mimetic peptides because they imitate or "mime" natural hormones (notice the word "mime" in "mimetic").

The peptides mentioned above stimulate the hypothalamus/pituitary glandular axis in the middle of your brain to produce human growth hormone (hGH). This is fabulous news for anti-aging medicine.

This means that you and I can now replenish and re-stimulate our body's diminishing supplies of the most precious resources our bodies produce! I don't know about you, but that gets me VERY excited.


The missing detail: research using the peptides mentioned above and others has led scientists to discover that growth hormone works best when it's natural inhibitor, called somatostatin or "SS,", is suppressed, and as usual, science has given us a pretty nifty way of doing just that through the use of peptides. We will expand on that later.

Adrenal hormone therapy also adds to the overall rejuvenating effects of hGH. Another thing that growth hormone alone does not address is increased production of the sex hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, etc.

How do we deal with this lack? BINGO!!! You guessed it; with peptides, of course! You will learn about that further on, but first let's take a closer look at this thing called somatostatin.


Human growth hormone (HGH) has only one natural enemy, it's called somatostatin and any enemy of Growth Hormone (GH) is an enemy of the human body.

The importance of inhibiting somatostatin in order to increase the effectiveness of Human Growth hormone (hGH) in the body, is now well established. Somatostatin is released into the blood whenever hGH reaches a certain level in the blood.

It is also released when too much growth hormone is injected into the body (it's like a chemical "off" switch for HGH).

When we're young (under 25 years old), somatostatin is our friend and keeps our bodies from growing too rapidly by regulating the amount of Growth Hormone that's allowed to be produced and absorbed.

Without the regulating effects of somatostatin the levels of hGH would skyrocket in the system and we could see signs of agromegaly (excess growth) which shows itself in the enlargement of the face and limbs.

Andre the Giant, the actor famous for his role in the movie "Princess Bride," suffered from agromegaly. He was seven feet tall and four hundred pounds and it cost him his life at forty-six years of age.

Athletes can also suffer from agromegaly due to severe abuse and massive overdosing of the injectable form of recombinant growth hormone. Too little human growth hormone when young can cause dwarfism.

In aging, it is the lack of human growth hormone that makes us dry up and waste away because hGH is the master hormone from which all other hormones are produced. The greatest challenge with growth hormone therapy is that one eventually reaches a plateau where the benefits of growth hormone are no longer seen or felt.

Science believes that this is due to the increased production of the hGH canceling hormone, somatostatin.


We will be releasing a peptide in the near future that has addressed the problem of somatostatin, the hGH canceling hormone, allowing those seeking the benefits of growth hormone to get the most out of their growth hormone therapy.

Many of the results clinically observed from the use of the future peptide range from hair color restoration and re-growth, improved skin texture and youthful appearance and age spot disappearance, to increased energy, well being and sexual vitality.

Other observed benefits were weight loss, significantly lowered cholesterol, increase in lean, hard muscle, increased HDL and many other life changing benefits.

Clinical study results showed that our future peptide stimulated the production of Testosterone and DHEA in all of the clinical study subjects.

This news astounded the researchers and was welcomed with celebration! Our newest future peptide is truly good news for anyone interested in reversing the effects of aging through the use of recombinant GH therapy as an adjunct therapy.

Men: " . . . there has been shown a high percentage of sexual recoveries after a properly administered program of testosterone . . . No single factor in the male body that we know of correlates with more risk factors for heart disease than (low) testosterone . . . "

Women: " . . . By the time they reach their forties or fifties many women report a marked sexual decline, sometimes a feeling of complete sexual deadness. Some wonder why estrogen replacement therapy doesn't bring back the feelings they used to know and love. Happily, testosterone does . . . "

All though all of these symptoms in both men and women improve with Rejuvenis Max and the Rejuvenis supplements, there will be still greater improvement with our new peptide.


In wisdom and relationships between men and women, an important characteristic for the harmony of an intimate relationship might be if ach gender could be a bit like the other in many ways.

Biologically however, it can be deadly. As a man gets older his body produces more estrogen. Estrogen in small amounts is critical for men, but elevated it becomes detrimental.

In fact, certain levels of estrogen, was found to act as a protective factor for neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and retention of bone mass.

Estrogen however in large amounts has been connected to many maladies, of aging in men. Some of the symptoms are impotence, coronary artery disease, increased blood pressure, increased blood clotting, increased cholesterol, fattening of the belly and hips ("weight-to-hip" ratio), fatigue and forgetfulness and many other problems.

As a man ages, his adrenal glands and gonads produce less and less testosterone.

Also, one of the large problems is the amount of aromatase (also called estrogen synthesis) that occurs in the body due to environmental conditions such as food, pollution, alcohol consumption of common drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, propoxephene and aspirin. It is astonishing how these drugs are being touted as a daily routine and cure-all to men.

A man can have substantial levels of testosterone in the bloodstream but also have high levels of estrogen. The major reason for this is that many of the fatty foods we eat have the ability to convert to estrogen. Some food by itself is an estrogen, Soy and Tofu for examples.

Estrogen binds to the same receptor sites as testosterone. So now we have a two-fold problem. Problem one is that testosterone production decreases with age. Problem two is that a man's receptor sites become clogged with estrogen.

A known way to stop estrogen from binding to these receptor cites and clogging them up is by taking about 50 mg of zinc daily. You may be beginning  to visualize why our total Rejuvenis program is so vital and is stressed that if you can’t afford the complete program you should do one of two things, wait until you can or at the very least, exercise daily and put -6- sprays of Rejuvenis Max growth factor under the tongue every morning and the last thing you do each night. Begin to live stronger today.

A synthetic drug option to unbind estrogen is  called Tamoxifen, which is available only by prescription from your doctor. If you were considering moving away from synthetic drugs for fear of all the side effects, a good choice for the alternative would be zinc.. If you are a man over the age of 25, you must consider making some move to help keep your testosterone receptors free of estrogen.

In addition to these therapies, there have been effective results shown with our new peptide to be released in the future.


Around age thirty-five, testosterone in women begins to decline. DHEA also declines; DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is very important as well, because it is converted to testosterone throughout the body.

A woman's body is laden with testosterone receptor sites; particularly in the breasts, vagina and clitoris. Without testosterone to these sites, there will be little or no sex drive.

A woman's testosterone should be around 45 nanograms per milliliter plus or minus fifteen points for optimum libido and should be tested after her menstrual cycle with our 11-panel saliva test kit that we can provide you through the mail.. A woman cycles from the first time she has her period until she dies, therefore a single blood sample will not portray her cycle. There must be 11-saliva panels collected over the course of one month for accuracy. A regimen of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be compounded in a compounding pharmacy to begin a balancing process.


Modern medicine used to believe that estrogen exclusively regulated bone mass in women. In recent clinical studies women on testosterone and estrogen, as opposed to women on just estrogen alone, showed significantly higher bone density.

Another noted improvement with hormone therapy, which can include  testosterone in women. Always remember that some of the symptoms of having too much testosterone in women, is hair growing on the face and head hair thinning  The  reversal of symptoms due to low testosterone is leaky bladder syndrome. Leaky bladder syndrome is due to a loss of muscle control in the pelvic sling and without adequate testosterone you experience muscle wasting..

Testosterone seems to help strengthen the muscles in that region as well as all over the body..


If a woman gets her testosterone balanced to optimum levels it has been shown that she will notice a resurgence of energy, sex drive and passion, weight loss, as well as muscle tone.

It has been shown that aches and pains and bladder issues can disappear with hormonal balancing and other youthful changes can begin to occur without any masculinizing side effects.

An effective way to stimulate the adrenal gland and testosterone/DHEA is by supplementing with a Rejuvenis Max growth factor spray as a complimentary therapy.


Injected Growth hormone (GH) is in international units and has been shown as a multi-decade time tested antidote to some aspects of aging. Quite significantly, it stimulates the immune system, which, if weakened, is one of the main killers of the aging public.

It helps increase the size of the thymus gland; which is about the size of a racquetball in puberty and shrinks to the size of a small marble in old age.

Growth hormone also passes through the blood brain barrier to regenerate brain tissue and improve memory. It seems to be a promising therapy for Alzheimer's disease and adult onset diabetes.

There are many benefits to replenishing your body's levels of hGH. There seems to be a greater benefit from the use of both sex hormone therapy and hGH therapy together, than either one independently.

Testosterone is also a natural inhibitor of somatostatin (SS). It will be recommended to combine the use of our new peptide to be released in the future with any injectable growth hormone therapy, if you have chosen to use it, to help offset the side effects of the high dosage with the injectable type of high HGH.

We recommend Rejuvenis Max spray growth factor as a low cost alternative to injectable growth hormone therapy. According to field trials, our new peptide to be released in the future can also compliment the effectiveness.


 Dr. Eugene Shippen states in his book "The Testosterone Syndrome," Go to a nursing home and witness your potential future without a reasonable hormone therapy.

"We truly believe that there are no side effects to preserving or replacing your own personal, normal hormonal status-with Rejuvenis Max rGH, there is only the return of healthy bodily functions. After all, isn't this smooth result true of all of our traditionally replaced hormones such as thyroid, cortisone and insulin? . . . This is basic medicine and now basic alternative.


In this data, you've learned that science now provides alternatives for us where our bodies have fallen short due to aging.

You've learned the truth about effective therapies that exist right now that will help you gain many of the attributes associated with vibrant youth.

There are four pillars that make up the perfect anti-aging program. Neglect any of these pillars and you jeopardize the entire program. These pillars are Hormone therapy (Bioidentical to what the body makes)  Next is Rejuvenis Max  Following with Exercise-Nutrition and Supplementation with our Rejuvenis Natural Supplements and adapting a new lower moderation to those things that could be detrimental to your health, through education.

Without adapting these dynamics in reasonable balance, beginning with hormone activation and replenishment, aging will overtake you like a runaway freight train.

No one is going to walk you down this path of vitality. You can remain the way you are now and continue the tragic downhill slide, or you can take action right now. There is just no reason why you can't regain 10 to 20 years of your life it all starts with choices.

YOU must take the initiative and make the right choices to develop the passion and vitality of youth. Your doctor probably won't call you and say, "let's have you return your HGH levels to that of your youthful days".

It is going to be left up to you to take action for your own future health, skin and longevity and you should take action now.

Health and longevity to you and yours!



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