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BACK                    Type-1 Diabetes

Orthodox medicine does virtually nothing to prevent the severe complications of diabetes or to cure diabetes. For example, controlling the insulin level with drugs, of a type-1 diabetic does NOT prevent circulatory problems. Likewise, it is obvious that controlling the glucose level of a type 1 diabetic does NOT prevent circulatory problems, especially in the lower extremities.

It is clear that there is a common thread among what causes the majority of problems associated with diabetes. That problem is circulatory problems, especially with the small capillaries. Here is a list of some of the health problems associated with diabetes:

1) Amputation of limbs
2) Blindness (retinopathy) - diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in America - 12,000 to 24,000 cases annually
3) Kidney failure (nephropathy) - frequently leading to dialysis or a kidney/pancreas
4) Liver disease
5) Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
6) Heart disease
7) Stroke (e.g. paralysis)
8) High blood pressure
9) Nerve damage (neuropathy)
10) Dementia
11) Urinary tract infection (mostly in women)
12) Depression

Note: Aspartame (e.g. Equal, NutraSweet, etc.) and sugar are the leading causes of depression in non-diabetics. However, because the average diabetic consumes more aspartame than the average person, it is highly possible that aspartame is by far the REAL cause of depression in diabetics!! A diabetic should absolutely avoid aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners!

13) Bone quality, bones become brittle with diabetics.  
14) Hearing loss

There are some things that are known to cure some type-1 diabetes cases when caught in early stages. There are two substances that have been shown in scientific studies to cure type-1 diabetes if it is caught early enough. These two substances are niacinamide (vitamin B-3) and vitamin E.

Generally, 80% of the beta cells are dead before the diabetes is caught, so anyone who has been taking insulin for less than about a year could do well in trying these two substances immediately.

There were two scientific studies on niacinamide (vitamin B-3) and Type 1 diabetes. In one study, 90% of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients were cured of their diabetes with niacinamide. In another study, 50% of the newly diagnosed diabetic patients were cured of their diabetes with niacinamide. What was the difference in the studies?

The difference was that the newly diagnosed patients in one study (the 90% cure) were not allowed to partake of any dairy products. In the other study the patients were allowed to partake of dairy products.

The results of these two studies makes it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that the patient must stop taking every possible form of dairy products immediately.

There are two substances that are known to mimic insulin, leading to the need for less insulin. These two items are cinnamon and liquid ionic vanadium.

Taking both of these products can lead to the nearly immediate need for slightly less insulin. While these two substances are not part of the treatment for diabetes, they can be hugely beneficial to the patient during the treatment.  

 By far the most common theory as to why type-1 diabetes forms is the destruction of the beta cells. There are several theories as to why this happens.

The generally accepted theory is that an “auto-immune” reaction of the body physically destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. In other words, abnormal proteins get into the blood and in the body's attempts to destroy the proteins the beta cells in the pancreas are destroyed.

There are theories (some with very sold evidence) as to why these proteins get into the body. The theories with the most scientific evidence revolve around vaccinations or milk (i.e. dairy products) as being the cause of the abnormal proteins entering the body and triggering the auto-immune reaction.

Vaccines are lethal in many ways, but mainly due to the adjuvants (additives too) used in preparation. Most vaccines contain dangerous levels of mercury in the form of thimerosal, a deadly preservative 50-times more toxic than mercury itself.  No one should be injected with it however especially infants, children, and pregnant women should not be injected with thimerosal. Then there are adjuvants like the mixture of gelatin ... antigen (HbSAg), genetically cloned into GMO yeast and aluminum hydroxide;--- aluminum hydroxide, which can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis, which is Hypersensitivity to a substance, such as foreign protein in the blood or the presence of a synthetic drug in the blood, that is caused by that exposure and macrophage, and are the likely causes of the after symptoms of children & adults who get booster shots, flu shots and any other vaccine.

Impurities in a vaccine are injected directly into the body, bypassing the digestive system's ability to deal with them!! Vaccinations are known to get all kinds of deadly and damaging things directly into the bloodstream, including the abnormal proteins just mentioned (triggering many different kinds of auto-immune diseases), and a wide variety of very undesirable molecules into our bodies. Dairy products can also get abnormal proteins and hormones into the blood stream.

There is very good evidence that some children who are fed cow’s milk at too young of an age (which applies to almost all children) can become allergic to cow’s milk; the body cannot deal with a protein and carbohydrate consumed together and this is what dairy products are.

Because of the allergy the auto-immune system tries to destroy something in the milk – possibly BSA (bovine serum albumin), which is part of the whey protein - and in the process destroys the beta cells in the pancreas. There are a lot of junk molecules in dairy products caused by what cows are fed and what they are injected with as well.

There have been many cases of Type 1 diabetes that happened at about the same time the person had a viral illness. It is actually known that some cases of Type 1 diabetes are caused by a virus.

The best theory is that a virus, for some unknown reason, targets the beta cells. The virus probably targets the beta cell protein coating and attaches itself to the outside of the beta cell.

At this point the attempt of the immunity system to kill the virus results in the accidental death of the beta cells. This is the best reasoning for the use of Rejuvenis OSH ionic silver not only when virus is present but to improve the immune system. The virus will never mutate around the Silver, because it robs the virus of and electron and renders it lifeless.

The virus can be an ongoing problem for diabetics. The problem is that the virus is never killed and lives in the body for the entire life of that person. As new beta cells are created by the pancreas, the beta cells are quickly killed because of the virus that lives in the body.

Where does this virus come from? It is possible it can come from a number of places, but the most likely place is vaccinations. When vaccines are made, the vaccine is only filtered for bacteria sized microbes. It is possible that if there are live viruses in the vaccine (some vaccines intentionally have live viruses in them, others do not intentionally have live viruses in them), the filters do not filter them out and they are injected directly into the blood stream of the unsuspecting person.

Orthodox medicine does not believe microbes are pleomorphic, meaning they change forms. However, a large number of scientists have independently proven beyond any doubt that some microbes are pleomorphic, which in my opinion is why vaccines start out being useless and then add to that the dangers of adjuvants and it is the absolute reason why a person should be taking Rejuvenis OSH ionic Silver.

What this means is that a virus, a yeast, a fungus, a mould and a bacteria may be different forms of the same microbe! This in fact has been shown to be true in some cases. Whether it is true in all cases is not yet known. There is actually a microbe smaller than a virus which has been proven to exist by several different people. This microbe is actually one of the pleomorphic forms and is the primitive or smallest form.

Orthodox medicine does not believe microbes are pleomorphic, meaning they change forms. However, a large number of scientists have independently proven beyond any doubt that some microbes are pleomorphic. What this means is that a virus, a yeast, a fungus, a mould and a bacteria may be different forms of the same microbe!! This in fact has been shown to be true in some cases. Whether it is true in all cases is not yet known. There is actually a microbe smaller than a virus which has been proven to exist by several different people. This microbe is actually one of the pleomorphic forms and is the primitive or smallest form.

The significance of this is that this microbe (sometimes called a "somatid" or "microzyma") is virtually indestructible in an acid medium. Microzymas may be in the solution which will be made into a vaccine in both a bacterial, viral and microzyma state. The filters will filter out the microbes in the bacterial state, but not the ones in the viral state or microzyma state.

Because of the inexcusable ignorance of orthodox medicine for not studying this issue, many people have literally been injected with type-1 diabetes and other auto-immune diseases.

The microzyma is basically a virus in a state of hibernation. As just mentioned, it is indestructible in an acid medium. Once in the body of the person, when the ambient pH around the microzyma is lowered to an acidic environment it can morph into a virus.

What this means is that drinking the high alkaline water on a daily basis is you hedge against this from taking place and will continually improve your diabetic health as well as overall health.

In cases where scar tissue (i.e. fibrin, which is a type of scar tissue) or a thick mucus, is the cause of type-1 diabetes, the beta cells are in the pancreas, but they are covered with scar tissue or a thick mucus. Because the beta cells are covered up, the insulin made by the beta cells never reaches the blood stream.

There are several theories why this can happen. With scar tissue, the most plausible cause is an auto-immune problem in the body. Even if the defective protein is in the body for a short time, during that time scar tissue can form during the attempt of the body to destroy it.

In recent past for anyone asking if systemic enzymes could help lessen the load of troubles that forType-1 diabetic persons, I would have told them about lowering pancreatic inflammation, and to improve lower extremity circulatory issues was key.  I would have never suggested that the use of enzymes could decrease the need for insulin, increase energy or reverse the seemingly myriad of problems diabetics suffer from.  As I started further research and I began getting information from Type-1 people it amazed me and that subsequently sparked new research. Drinking the correct type and amount of water plus exercise opened clogged peripheral blood vessels and exercise had the effect of forcing blood through them clearing up the clogs and also making the body create miles and miles of new blood vessels to feed all the new muscle that will be growing. All the spigots will be opened.

Along with the water and exercise it is suggested that you take highly fibrinolytic systemic enzymes, will eat away at both the fibrosis building up in the blood vessels (all of them from the tiny capillaries to the major arteries), and the scar tissue accruing on the tiny blood-filtering units called Glomeruli. These tiny blood vessels form a meshwork in the kidney through which blood is strained to filter out excess water and waste products. Glomeruli can be damaged by a condition called Nephrotic Syndrome, which is a kidney disorder characterized by

1. Abnormal protein leak

2. Low levels of proteins in blood (due to protein leakage)

3. Increased levels of lipid

4. Swelling of body parts (called edema). 

The term Nephrotic Syndrome is coined from two words: Nephros (in Greek) meaning kidney and Syndrome denoting a group of symptoms.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a set of symptoms related to kidney dysfunction, and not a disease, in and of itself. Nephrotic Syndrome is a disorder characterized by loss of proteins in the urine. In realism, Nephrotic Syndrome can be the first sign of various diseases that damage the kidneys, especially tiny blood-filtering units (glomeruli) in the kidneys, where urine is formed.

The normal architecture of the glomeruli prevents a majority of protein from getting filtered into the urine and this holds protein in the blood. Protein helps the blood soak up water from tissues and transports it to the aquaporin that delivers it to the cells. But kidneys with damaged filters may let protein leak into the urine. As a result, not enough protein is left in the blood to soak up the water. The water then moves from the blood into body tissues, producing swelling. This swelling may be most noticeable around the eyes, legs, hands, belly, etc.

As body looses this vital protein in the urine, this results in drop of protein in the blood called hypoproteinemia or hypoalbuminemia, another cardinal feature of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol) is common in Nephrotic Syndrome. In addition to albumin, other important enzymes involved in cholesterol metabolism, slip through the glomeruli, which contribute to high blood cholesterol. Liver disease, kidney disease, and malnutrition are the major causes of low albumin. A diseased liver produces insufficient albumin.

In order to fight off invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and other invaders, your body sends the immune system into action engaging T-cells, B-cells, macrophages, eosinophils, and other immune system warriors in battle.

The battle against germs is protein-based, because the immune system utilizes many protein-based substances to fight off the invasion by rapidly producing more protein-based substances to defend the body. However, there can only be a certain concentration of all proteins in the body and when the concentration of immune system proteins goes up, the concentration of other proteins must fall.

One of the proteins that decrease when the immune system is engaged in battle is a crucial protein called albumin, and that's where the trouble lies. Albumin is an important protein that is found in most animal tissues and one reason why vegans cannot be healthy.

Albumin levels are also dependant on the state of hydration of the body. A person that is deficient of water ("dry") because of not drinking the correct amount and type of high alkaline water will cause dehydration and will have an artificially low albumin level. This returns to normal when the dehydration is corrected. Albumin fluctuates so widely because it is very sensitive to changes in hydration of the body. Remember that every known disease starts in a very low pH acidic and dehydrated body; drink the correct amount of high alkaline water from the Aging Younger water ionizer daily. This word of caution: If your kidneys already have substantial damage and you are holding water in your extremities, if you are on dialysis or; if your kidneys are damaged enough that your doctor has you on "water pills" to help your kidneys to work, then don't drink any more water than your physician has allowed for you

Add garlic to the diet. The equal of 2 whole cloves of either real garlic or the tablet equivalent will also help to open the blood vessels and keep the vascular walls strong. Scientists have uncovered why garlic has such good health benefits. Garlic contains a compound called allicin which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, like allicin, help protect the body from damage by removing free radicals that are produced as part of our body's natural metabolism. The researchers discovered that once allicin starts to decompose, it produces an acid that reacts quickly with radicals. The acid is believed to be the reason behind the medicinal benefits of garlic.

The active ingredients in garlic are thiosulfinates, of which the predominant one as mentioned is allicin and sulfoxides such as alliin and dithiins, of which ajoene is the most widely researched. These compounds are not only responsible for the pungent odor of garlic, but also for its benefits to your health. Among the other components of garlic are selenium, manganese and vitamins B6 and C.

It may be that many cases of type-1 diabetes are either caused by scar tissue or a thick mucus (which reminds us of cystic fibrosis) which prevents beta cells from releasing their insulin molecules.

There are several other substances that are known to dissolve fibrin. However, only Protocel and Vitalzym have been proven to actually cure type-1 diabetes. There are a large number of other natural minerals or other substances that are known to dissolve fibrin that should be tested on type-1 diabetics.

A more general theory of what causes type-1 diabetes - food allergies. While dairy proteins may be the most significant cause of food allergies, it is almost certain they are not the only cause.

Wheat, wheat glutan, bananas, and just about every other kind of food, have all been known to cause food allergies.

Basically, the body’s attempt to deal with the food allergy, whatever the allergy is, may accidentally destroy the beta cells in the pancreas.

Vaccinations can also come into play in this area. If the person is allergic to the base of the vaccine, such as chicken eggs, which vaccines are often produced in, and this allergy triggers the auto-immune system, then the vaccination is causing the type-1 diabetes.

The interesting thing about food allergies is that when the food allergy is something a person eats, the person craves the very foods they are allergic to!

Insulin is not made by magic, it is made from other atoms and other molecules. If some of the key molecules are not available to a person's body, the beta cells may be in the body, but the beta cells simply cannot manufacture insulin because it does not have the raw materials to do it. The most common theory as a mineral which may be involved in the manufacture of insulin is chromium.

Another theory of what brings on type-1 diabetes is that heavy metals (generally mercury), such as in a vaccine or dental filling, either directly inhibit the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin due to the toxicity of the heavy metal (in this case the beta cells are not destroyed, they are simply unable to produce insulin) or there is some type of allergic reaction to the heavy metal making it likely that the person should undergo EDTA suppository chelation therapy.

While a virus is a major cause of type 1 diabetes, there are several other microbes (or pleomorphic states of a single microbe) that may be possible causes of type 1 diabetes. Microbes are capable of getting inside of cells. In the case of cancer their presence causes the cell to become anaerobic. In the case of beta cells it is possible their presence stops the production of insulin.

It is known for example, that once a microbe gets inside a normal cell (not a beta cell), it blocks the Kreb's Cycle, which in turn blocks the Electron Transport Chain. This is what causes the cell to become cancerous.

Should a microbe get inside of a beta cell, the drop in energy in the cell may prevent it from creating insulin.  

Another major theory for a cause of type-1 diabetes, other than the auto-immune system, is inflammations. The presence of microbes or heavy metals in the pancreas may create inflammations that inhibit the ability of the beta cells to create or release insulin. In these cases, the beta cells are in the pancreas, they are just inhibited from creating or releasing insulin. The presence of microbes can definitely trigger the auto-immune system, but it is felt by some that inflammations in the pancreas, caused by microbes, can inhibit the beta cells by creating an inflammation in the pancreas. This type of inflammation can also be caused by food allergies. EDTA suppository chelation therapy is suggested along with taking high antioxidants and mineral to replace those being removed with chelation as well as Rejuvenis OSH Silver to fight bacterial causing inflammation.

One of the puzzling issues surrounding Type-I diabetes is why new beta cells are not made by the body. If they were made by the body, and if the cause of the diabetes went away (such as the body cleaning out abnormal proteins), the person's diabetes would, over the years, go away.

However, as has been seen above, there are situations where any new beta cell will be killed by a virus or the immunity system as soon as they are made.

Because the pancreas is capable of healing itself, and because the cause of diabetes causes a lifetime dependency on insulin, it is highly possible that whatever causes diabetes stays in the body to continue killing new beta cells. This may include scars. This is another reason why the antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial Rejuvenis OSH Silver should become part of the arsenal to combat diabetes.

Bacteria, fungus, virus, etc. would certainly fit into this category, as would whatever causes auto-immune reactions. But almost all causes would fit in this category, including heavy metals and food allergies.

In dealing with Type-1 diabetes the person must constantly ask themselves what may have caused their diabetes and why the body does not cure the diabetes itself.

One possible reason is that the immune system simply cannot make beta cells. Actually, it may be that the body cannot make stem cells, which may be the cells that become new beta cells. This is the main reason why the person would be well advised to take Rejuvenis Polyionic Saccharide powder twice daily, because it stimulates stem cell growth.

Stem cells are "undifferentiated" cells, meaning they have no features of any of the functional cells. The immune system takes these "undifferentiated" cells and may convert them into "differentiated" cells that have function, namely beta cells.

Thus, if no supplements are taken such as the Rejuvenis Polyionic Saccharide powder, and diet is not improved, that prohibits the immune system from making stem cells, this may indirectly lead to the body's inability to make new beta cells.

 In addition, items like scar tissue (e.g. fibrin) and heavy metals as well as heavy mucus may also prohibit the ability of the body to make new beta cells because the immune system cannot move the stem cells to where beta cells would normally be created. Or the beta cells may be there, but not able to get their insulin to the blood stream, in any case my above suggestions may help.