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Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy BHRT
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There is strong opinion that if bioidentical hormone therapy and saliva testing as we know it today, were available 50 years ago that today there would be very little endometrial, uterine or breast cancer, certainly not running rampant it is today. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is available today and yet many doctors are unaware and still others are unwilling to alter their medical training and therefore, are very slow to adapt to new technologies.

The doctors that have used BHRT or natural hormone therapy are doing so by the seat of their pants; without proper training. They are still utilizing blood testing, which is incorrect, to determine a woman's hormonal needs and then they are prescribing a cream, in most cases, that is unpredictable for its delivery and collects in the muscle and fat over time, and exponentially increasing the PMS problems.

Blood vs Saliva: When blood is drawn from a vein, it contains plasma and red and white blood cells. To analyze the blood, the plasma is separated from the blood cells by centrifugation. Since the plasma still contains clotting factors, an anticoagulant is added. This is the plasma used for blood analysis. If the blood is allowed to coagulate, which is the cell-depleted fluid phase, devoid of fibrinogen; it is called "serum." The serum may also be used for analysis. In either case, the blood being analyzed does not contain the red blood cells that bind the free hormones for the delivery to the receptor sites. What is being analyzed, with blood, are hormones that are attached to binding proteins from the liver and are not bio-available.

When hormones are tested via saliva the free hormones are part of the equation as being present in the body. When the correct BHRT dosage is established with saliva collected over the course of one month and that dosage is taken as a sublingual lozenge, they are absorbed into the bloodstream as "free" hormones. They have not been packaged with a binding protein by the liver, because the liver did not have access to the hormones. Most of the "free" hormones are taken up by the red blood cell membranes, which are not analyzed by a common blood test.

You might ask, "If there are hormones available that are natural to my body, why do doctors prescribe synthetic hormones?"  The explanation involves the mindset of physicians to traditional pharmaceutical medicine and the powerful pharmaceutical industry in the United States; as well as politics and money.

The molecule of the natural bioidentical hormone is identical in structure to the hormone naturally found in the body. Pharmaceutical companies cannot patent natural or bio-identical compounds. However, they can patent chemically altered compounds creating different molecules that are highly profitable, and often rejected by the body with side effects. A patent on a man-made product will guarantee that a pharmaceutical company will have an exclusive right to manufacture and profit from their product. After the tremendous monetary investment that goes into developing and studying a pharmaceutical product, it is logical that the pharmaceutical companies would want their investment protected with an exclusive, patented product. There would be no huge profits with anything natural, because it is not patentable. Therefore there is little interest in research of anything natural and the minimal marketing of natural hormones is from our natural wellness industry. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is not well cemented in the psyche of the general public, as a synthetic pharmaceutical drug is apt to be, due to the huge amount of money spent on advertising to a public that cannot purchase their drugs.

A large part of marketing a drug involves the education and instruction of a public on features and benefits, as well as to talk about the side effects. Because when the side effects claim lives, the drug company can state: We told you it could happen; and be not held accountable. If the cigarette companies would have offered up the damaging information about what cigarettes can do to your health, when they first came out, they might not have had to pay the millions of dollars to families who lost members to lung cancer.

Much of what physicians are taught about pharmacologically comes from pharmaceutical company representatives who visit their offices on occasion; we refer to them as the pretty young girls who drag the roller bag who get to the doctor easier than one of his patients.  Because pharmaceutical companies don't manufacture natural hormones, most physicians do not learn about them, unless they do personal research. Also, change is motivated when they read the headlines of side effects that someone experienced from a particular drug they had been prescribing. This formed the basis for most doctors who are dabbling in the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy today.

The women’s health initiative released the finding of their research study of synthetic hormones in 2002, and determined that they were causing breast and uterine cancer.  Overnight 13-million women were taken off the synthetic hormones and most were then prescribed, SSRI’s. Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors like Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, Welbutrin and similar medications that can destroy your life; these SSRI antidepressant medications are a serious threat to your life.  If you, or anyone you know, is using one of these medications, please pay close attention.

We have had personal experience with the SSRI medications that some of our clients were on for a time— enough to convince us that these are dangerous medications.

We had a client who had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia.  Part of that symptom complex is depression.  Although it wasn't a significant depression and had little real impact on our client’s life, his doctor passed out Welbutrin like it was candy to him. It was supposed to be really safe, and his doctor thought it would give him more pep, among other things.  He was supposed to feel a lot better. He didn't and worse still, he became despondent and at one point, could not recognize his own wife. This is when his wife brought him to see us, to offer different suggestions for a solution to his real problem and to recover from his fog, which he was in due to these dangerous drugs. To fast forward a little, our client is a school crossing guard at 78 years of age today, completely recovered and doing great.

Back to all natural hormones: Where do these natural hormones come from? The pure bio-identical (human identical) hormone is extracted from plants, like wild Mexican yams for example. What is most important is that the end product is a molecule identical to the hormone molecule found naturally in the body. This applies to all hormones -- such as thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone and DHEA.

The Anti-Aging Clinic must adapt to other procedures as well.  Most doctors are not familiar with Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and are slow to acclimate to anything natural. In our natural Wellness Clinic we must have a doctor sign the prescription, which is formulated by our compounding pharmacist after he has received the saliva test results and reviewed our questionnaire we have each client engage in.

We had to face that challenge and educate local doctors, which we intended to use for the hands on exam required by the FDA to prescribe anything compounded in a pharmacy, even if it is natural, as is the case with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The way we accomplished that is by researching and teaming up with compounding Pharmacist’s, Clinical Nutritionist and a time honored laboratory that processes our 30-day saliva sample testing. We are among the leaders in research as will as the study of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with those who teach and have had thousands of clients and now our huge client base who owe their good health and balanced hormone system to our study, due diligence and success rate of application.

With the questionnaire and saliva testing results we can formulate the specific dosages required for each person Click here  QUESTIONNAIRE for women

Click here QUESTIONNAIRE for men


When there is poor nutrition, negative thinking, stressful situations, little or no exercise, poor hydration, etc., the immune system is weakened. It is referred to as the non-survival state.

WATER consumption should be: Consume 50% of your total weight in ounces of water, for example: A 200 pound man would consume 100 ounces of water and a 100 pound women, 50 ounces of water; and adding to that if diuretics are consumed or there is perspiration.

We offer a special program to help women suffering from hormonal imbalance. The following four forms of support is what we suggest that will have a good chance of resolving even severe symptoms for many women; we refer to as “Combating Depression”: 

1. Verifiable nutritional supplements, to ensure the body will have the rich nutrients it needs to help you in balancing your hormones. A major cause of obesity, depression or imbalance of hormones is the lack of proper nutrients as well as their absorption. Along with the BHRT program reviewed above, you should be taking the proper vitamins, which you are lacking in twice a day; breakfast and Dinner.  We analyze you to help determine this.

2. Endocrine support is chiefly through nutrition and nutritional awareness, see the “Action Plan for Life” further down this page.

Skin and body care has a great deal to do with cortisol because of what we see in the mirror, the more satisfied we are about ourselves the easier it is to correct cortisol as well as the entire endocrine will be. Our lymphatic drainage treatments, which serves to improve your immune system is helpful; you can
review lymphatic drainage here.

3. Dietary changes utilizing proper food combinations to satisfy the digestion system (see chart below), which satisfies your body’s real requirements.  Most so-called healthy diets actually sabotage your body’s metabolism. 

4. Lifestyle changes to help your body deal with the demands you place on it.

A. Exercise regularly (at least walking every day for 60 minutes)

B. Increased water, 50% of body weight in ounces

C. Reducing or eliminating your stays with people or situations that, or who, cause you stress, see “THE KEY TO HORMONE BALANCE” Further on; thinking of something positive and follow it though, such as a vacation for example or set small daily goals that are attainable and when you reach them, reward yourself.


Adrenal dysfunction may be a factor in many related ailments. Your lifestyle, diet and stress levels all contribute to the amount of DHEA your body can produce in a given period.

Without adequate support, they go into adrenal fatigue and eventually adrenal exhaustion. Symptoms of low DHEA levels are:

·     Extreme fatigue

·                            Decreased muscle mass

·                            Increased fat reserve

·                            Hunger not easily satisfied

·                            Decreased bone density

·                            Depression

·                            Aching joints

·                            Loss of libido

·                            Lowered immunity

But simply adding more DHEA to the equation is not the answer — despite what claims you may have heard.

The basic task of your adrenal glands are to negotiate all your body's resources and increase production of adrenaline and other hormones when they are needed such as the fight or flight syndrome.

This doesn’t mean that a lot of us don’t feel depressed, or have symptoms that could be masking depression. It’s normal in today’s society to have such symptoms, usually related to some kind of stress, emotional and/or physical thing that can be resolved without pharmaceutical drugs. Some studies have shown that antidepressants are no more effective in treating this kind of mild to moderate depression than a placebo. In fact, antidepressants are contraindicated for short-term treatment of minor depression, something the drug companies don’t want publicized, offering new reason why you might try the natural alternative first.

When there is good health, through a good lifestyle, your adrenals can instantly increase your heart rate and blood pressure, release your stored energy for immediate use, slow your digestion and other secondary functions, and then sharpen your senses. Healthy stress responses take priority over all other metabolic functions but that response wasn't designed to last for an extended period of time.

Adrenal dysfunction may be a factor in many related conditions, including fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis and premature menopause, hot flashes, acne, and hair loss.  Unfortunately, adrenal dysfunction is seldom detected in conventional medicine.

Symptoms of imbalance and depression are your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. Antidepressants don’t address the real problem; they cover it over, such as with using a Islander metaphor: “Don’t worry: be happy!” When you want, or need to come off of them, what happens? “Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors block serotonin from being changed into the next substance, on its metabolic pathway. The questions should be, before the use of an antidepressant:

1. Why isn’t your body making more serotonin? 

2. And, what can we do about that naturally?"

Conventional medicine is truly wonderful at treating disease-state conditions. Unfortunately its focus on drugs also tends to suppress early-stage symptoms rather than treat their underlying causes. This can have the effect of delaying treatment until a disease state has developed.

Within the conventional medical community, any cortisol level within a very broad range is considered normal, and anything outside that range indicates disease.  When Cortisol is tested at several points during the day, to track the adrenals' day-night pattern (called the "diurnal rhythm") a panel of simple saliva tests are used.  A saliva hormone panel is also used to measure hormones once you fill out the above questionnaire for BHRT, checks estradiol in the follicular phase (usually days three to nine of a menstrual cycle); progesterone in the luteal phase (days 14 to 28); DHEA; and both free and total testosterone levels. Cortisol working at optimum levels would be elevated in the morning to help you get going, lower but steady throughout the day to sustain energy, and would then fall to its lowest levels to induce restful sleep in the late evening.

After menopause or a hysterectomy, when your adrenals become the primary hormone factory, some women’s ratio of DHEA that is converted into testosterone, outweighs what’s been converted into estrogen and progesterone. This can cause bouts of increased irritability and unusual body hair growth, especially when DHEA supplements are taken without tests or follow-ups to monitor hormone levels.

Biologically active “Free” testosterone is the portion of the hormone that is in your bloodstream. After menopause, volatile levels of free testosterone may be at work, which may be the cause of annoying male-pattern facial hair for women.  Most doctors only test total testosterone levels.  Adding a DHEA supplement to this scenario can complicate things.

There are some women who convert most of their DHEA into estrogen. In this case, if you took DHEA supplements this could create a different kind of estrogen-progesterone imbalance with symptoms similar to PMS, including breast tenderness and mood swings. 

Conventional medicine will often only detect the extremes of these conditions, (Cushing’s Disease or Addison’s Disease) when damage to the adrenals has already occurred.  You can feel miserable but still be told your adrenals are normal. But by responding to early-stage symptoms and reversing the developing dysfunction with a lifestyle change, it is possible to prevent adrenal damage.

In general, if you feel happy and well, have steady energy and healthy emotions, sleep soundly for between seven to nine hours a night, wake up feeling rested, recover well from stress, and maintain a healthy weight without dieting, then your adrenals are probably doing well.

THE HORMONE TEST to ask the doctor about, Or, to order from the Anti-Aging Clinic is: :

A saliva hormone panel test that will check estradiol, progesterone, DHEA, and both free and total testosterone levels should be performed. Remember, if your doctor would like to check your hormones using a blood sample, be sure he/she reviews Blood vs Saliva on our website, but most of all, be sure you do, so you can give him/her the reasons saliva testing should be utilized and not blood.

Bioidentical hormones are natural.  They have been manufactured to provide the same molecular structure as the hormones in your own body. Conversely, synthetic hormones (Premarin, Prempro and Provera) are not bioidentical to the body and are manufactured by Big Pharma. They are inventions, often times slightly altered from something natural because they must be patented. Natural things can’t be patented. Synthetic hormones are quite strong and have been proven to cause breast and uterine cancer.  If improved diet and changes of lifestyle, as suggested is your choice, then Bio-identical hormones should be your choice, which are compounded in a laboratory, usually from the natural components of yams.  This formula produces what your body produces and has been accustomed to. In contrast, the synthetic hormone by Big Pharma may switch an (H) that stands for Hydrogen or (OH) that stands for Hydroxyl or (C) that stands for Carbon on the basic steroid ring, or something else different to be able to manufacture hormones that can be patented, that is different than natural to the body hormones. As we stated, natural is not patentable, altering nature is.

As stated, from the 2002 women's health initiative, we learned that Provera, Premarin, Prempro which are synthetic hormones and not bio-identical progesterone and estrogen, was the cause of increasing rates of breast and uterine cancer. Premarin, the most commonly prescribed estrogen, which is natural to a horse, because it is being derived from pregnant mare’s urine (hence the name “Premarin”). But this estrogen is synthetic, and it is not bio-identical to a woman’s body. Prempro is the combination o synthetic Premarin and Provera. .

Human, natural estrogen is found in three forms called: Chart Showing Balanced Hormones

1. Estrone,

2. Estradiol and

3. Estriol, all of which can be compounded as bio-identical supplements.



A key is the connection between serotonin and cortisol levels, which are directly influenced by serotonin and stress. One proven way to boost levels of DHEA naturally is to find ways to cultivate happiness in your life. Some very good ways are the treatments and products for the face and body we describe herein, with emphasis on good health, naturally as you may remember as well as treatments of biofeedback, more about this further on.

Combating stress!

Connecting with family and friends is healthy, loving another person is one way and is one of the best joy-makers around; or think long and hard about what you like to do for pleasure and reach out for it mentally first, then strive for it physically. Some people set daily goals and don’t make them so grand they are unattainable then reward themselves when they reach them.  

Still others choose friends or groups that share their interests. Try to think about ways you can get out of relationships that are causing you to have the dangerous stress or seek help to assist you in coping with it, if that is not possible.

Receiving lymphatic drainage treatments along with moving your body by swimming, walking or other exercise, even deep breathing and stretching reduces stress because it oxygenates your cells and boosts mood-elevating substances in your bloodstream called endorphins. This process can actually change your body chemistry for the better. Meditation added to the above, is also useful such as sitting in a low light room thinking pleasant thoughts or a quiet walk in the woods.

Lymphatic drainage, a Clinical method used by our team to assist in this, utilizes high tech equipment that provides a deep massage for the skin tissue and stimulates the flow of lymph.

As humans we also have the ability to entertain the ideas from some sort of larger higher power, be it natural or divine; Spirituality is a powerful component of happiness. Rituals of worship and contemplation from a walk in the woods or the movements through yoga or prayer can help us make space in our busy lives to focus on what is truly meaningful to us and help us adjust to who we really are.

One thing is certain in our grown up minds, ”playtime” should not be just for kids. Make time for fun without guilt, it’s good for your health!  

But none of this is easy to do in today’s non-stop world. Everything around us pushes us to have more, do more, be more and our bodies eventually throw up a stop sign. The best time to foster hormonal balance, adequate DHEA levels, and healthy adrenals is before you hit that stop sign. So give yourself a time-out and check-in with your nearest “Wellness Industry” center. You may find, with a little help, your “body” and “mind”, are more than capable of taking care of themselves with the proper nurturing.

Feelings of health and wellbeing are never static. Like all things natural, they depend on a multitude of moving parts -always changing - always unique. DHEA is in the headlines the most often and it is just one part of this evolving pattern; it is one you can naturally influence by changing and improving your lifestyle, which in turn will be taking care of your adrenals.

How Important Is That Morning Coffee?

Sudden changes in serotonin levels cause irritability, unclear thinking, and anxiety. Stimulants like coffee, sugar, simple carbohydrates, nicotine and other drugs, supercharge serotonin levels for a short while, creating a false sense of pleasure. When the stimulants wear off, serotonin levels plunge downward, leaving us with that emotional dissatisfaction of wanting something more that is just not within our grasp. Reliance on stimulants puts your body and mind on a vicious up-and-downward cycle, resulting in chronic low-serotonin levels, not to mention weight gain and poor digestion. Women who suffer from fatigue and cravings for carbohydrates in the late afternoon are probably on the high-cortisol/low-serotonin spiral. They usually feel depressed.

Once you see the connection between nutrition, stress, and serotonin levels, it gets easier to understand how a simple lifestyle change and some natural treatments can make huge improvements in mood and overall health.

“Action Plan for Life”

·                            Spray 3-times with our growth factor Rejuvenis Max ™ under your tongue as soon as you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, six sprays as indicated on the bottle, you can order it on our website::HERE  then scroll down to the picture of  REJUVENIS MAX™ click the Buy Now.


       Eat a breakfast high in fiber such as oatmeal with blueberries or high fiber cereals in the place of oatmeal, with out the sugar, also with the fruit shown on the char displayed on our website for AM cereals; never wait more than four hours between any of the 3- major meals and always snack with fruit or prepared raw veggies in between meals. A great snack is our Goji Berries, they never need refrigeration, they are ready to go when you are.

Take verifiable vitamins and supplements that can be tested to make sure they are working for you and are geared toward your own deficiencies with food in the stomach


       Begin consuming our ionized water in the morning and have 50% of your weight in ounces of water consumed before you go to bed that night, adding water from our water ionizer, that contain all the electrolytes will hydrate every cell and assist you when working out. Additional water should be taken in for perspiration and any diuretics you may have consumed, such as coffee or tea and hopefully you will discontinue these at some point.                   

      Walk for sixty minutes, minimum, uninterrupted, preferably in the morning (for women and men) everyday, without fail. If you have a condition that prevents you from walking, then get in a swimming pool and move all limbs for an hour and then add strength training; while water exercise is good for the cardiovascular and lymphatic system, it does not decrease fat because swimming burns glycogen and not fat. Lean muscle metabolizes and fat does not.  Exercise releases endorphins that will trigger melatonin and if a man strength exercises in the morning he may begin to yawn and be tired and sleepy through out the rest of the day.  Motion creates movement in the lymphatic system called locomotion; the lymphatic system that has no pump like the heart for blood flow, must have movement to operate.

·                            Undergo our lymphatic drainage treatments once a week until the body is at the desired shape then once per month, for good immune system support.

The body utilizes several pathways to expel wastes. Elimination occurs through the largest organ the skin, then the kidneys, the lungs, and the colon. When the detoxification paths are properly functioning, illness has a much more difficult time of manifesting and your body can remain balanced.  If there is a breakdown in the pathways that can occur with constipation, clogged skin pores, poor lymphatic system or a lung condition, the body may start to become overtaxed with waste. Cellulite is one of the visual manifestations of a poor functioning lymphatic system.

·                            Have your body composition analysis for baseline performed, and follow up every seven days until you become predictable in percent body fat loss and you will be able to maintain the proper ratio of lean body to fat mass; when that ratio is obtained.

·                            Advanced stress reduction, could come in the form of a minimum of three biofeedback sessions dealing with stress and hormones, possibly more, depending on the level of stress and or level of obesity or imbalance.

·                            Consume food every two hours religiously for 90 days.  The importance of the type of food certainly matters but it is not as important as the fact that you eat something every two hours. Get from us and follow the personalized meal report provided and practice good food combinations shown on the chart on our website to remain healthy for the balance of your life and in the interim, body fat and lean muscle reach homeostasis then never go more than four hours between meals and continue to hydrate your body with the water from our Aging young water ionizer.

·                            Get moderate sun exposure year-round. The sun’s UVB rays are necessary to synthesize Vitamin D and there is a real connection that exists between vitamin D-3 deficiency and depression, hormone imbalance, as well as bone loss; get 30 minutes early morning sunshine, just as the sun is coming up.

·                            Reduce the use of stimulants known as physical stressors, which can be diuretics such as, sodas, coffee, donuts, cakes, cookies, candy or tea, and limit exposure to certain people or situations, that seem to increase stress in your life; give yourself small daily goals that are attainable and reward yourself when you achieve them; plan a short vacation and think about enjoying it, so you will.

                         You will feel wonderful after the 90 days are up, if you followed the directions above to the letter then you will have the energy that it takes to be a willing participant during your new lifestyle change that you will always want to live and follow.

Your body fat will have decreased, your energy will have increased, your basal metabolic rate would have increased, all because your muscle mass would have increased, even if it did only slightly.  As your stress level decreases you would be on the road to good health and beauty through consistency.

Everyone has normal, sometimes extended bouts of melancholy, or grief, particularly after a trauma or loss. But pain and anguish aren’t often talked about. Our culture doesn’t like “people who are down”, so many of us put on a strong face and start to wonder why we can’t be happy, like everyone else seems to be.

The truth is that sadness and grief are normal, and “psychotropic drugs” may interfere with our grieving, or mental processing and may actually be harmful in many other ways. Your feelings of depression have good reason: death, health crises, divorce, break-ups, moves and other big transitions are common causes of situational depression.

Then there are those people who have such things as post-partum depression (PPD), post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSS), and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). They can be devastating while they last, making doctors quick to prescribe psychopharmacology solutions and then there are those emotional issues, we all grow up with.  Many suffer from a downward cycle of poor health that creates life problems, which in turn, are depressing. Outliving a loved one can unwittingly cause you to fall into a deep well of unconscious guilt and grief. Having a baby can be life altering and stressful.

Studies have shown sometimes we’re blissfully unaware of our symptoms, until we run smack into them. The good news is, that most forms of mild to moderate depression, will respond very well to positive changes in hormonal balancing, nutrition, lifestyle changes with exercise, water and nutrient support, such as in the “Combating Depression” earlier mentioned as well as balancing your hormones.  

For those in a more progressive state of depression we suggest you do not wait to begin our complete program, beginning with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Biofeedback, which utilizes Quantum physics, which combines the fields of Bioresonance and Biofeedback, with the simplicity of computer technology, to produce the most advanced system for body analysis and energetic treatment ever invented in our opinion, it is also excellent for treatment of stress until your hormones are in balance.

Please stick with our program and also review our: Weight Management page

Click here to read What Is A Cell for more in depth information as to how our body's system works.



[disclaimer] “These statements have not been evaluated by FDA.  Treatments or products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”