Our mission is to provide the highest quality treatments, products and testing to promote

                   optimal health, beauty and longevity in a non-pharmaceutical environment
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Health equals beauty and
                Face-lift Without a Knife

To examine the question “Should there be an Anti-Aging Clinic in your town”, we review some information I provide in my book. In short, you have the opportunity to be able to offer the proper treatments and professional products to all in your hometown that will help your clients Age Younger. 

There are doctors and businesses no doubt in each town that offer part of the concept, such as: Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, who offer additional aesthetic non-invasive treatments, such as microdermabrasion, as well as some type of skincare products and facial treatments.  

Additional competition would be day Spas that have no basic concept other than to make their clients feel good and certainly nothing results oriented or anti-aging.

Some Spas offer cellulite treatments with little, or no results, because there is no complete program necessary to make the treatments a success. Some of them also offer facials, but often with the use of inferior grade products that actually can damage the skin; still others offer massage that in most cases is just a feel good thing, and a few more, offer microdermabrasion.  None of these facilities offer a complete concept that includes,


1.                           Skin tightening, toning and rejuvenation, as provided with the non-surgical face-lift, which you will be trained to provide;


2.                           Promote products that augment a healthy body cycle


            Provide Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy


3.                           Offer wrinkle and fine line reduction and,


4.                           Weight management and body contouring programs that work,


            Stress reduction treatments and products,


            Test for food triggers to help lower blood sugar and insulin,


5.                           Anti-aging rejuvenation therapy; in combination with laser verifiable supplements, which are vital to good health.


            Detoxification with the removal of heavy metals, utilizing the latest EDTA science in suppository form.

Very few if any places, including Derms and Plastics, will have measuring and treatment equipment that is truly on the cutting edge of natural health, such as biofeedback for example, to truly enhance the concept.

Parties Interested in becoming an Anti-Aging Clinic distributor in their hometown will be trained in all operations and techniques. Staff training for the treatments as well as product application is also provided. To be a distributor of an Anti-Aging Clinic in your area with our complete support, interested parties will receive training at our training center in Florida; we advertise for your client base; we develop a complete operating business with you.

A Distributor will have a turnkey business; one in which no prior experience is required; a business that has great dignity with proven results.

The treatments taught, will be performed by licensed estheticians from your area, or they will transfer to your area.

Our team of professionals provide each of our distributors a better and unique advantage, that allows them to offer to an ever-growing population who all want what you will be able to give, with proven results and that is: “TO AGE YOUNGER”. 

There are jobs being eliminated from the top down in major corporations announced weekly in the media. If you could be in one of these numbers, think of being a distributor in your hometown. The ultimate time for locating Distributors for the Anti-Aging Clinics across the US is now and can be further exemplified by the choices many doctors are making today. Doctors of varied professions are adding a Hodgepodge of skincare treatments and products that have no real science behind them; simply to try and cash in the nations fastest growing industry. Some are leaving their practice and entering this industry, because they recognize the benefits for their patients and their desire to escape the managed care grip.

Are you a successful executive who is unsure his or her job will be there next year, want to secure a great opportunity? Are you a student of aesthetics, click here, or Contact us by phone.

Check out our Website: www.livelonger123.com, a business that has a market which is driven by the largest most affluent group in America, “baby boomers” , who demand to have good health and longevity available to them naturally and a team of professionals that will provide the support system that will never leave you feeling alone.

Why now is the time for a Clinic in your area? The boomers have controlled the economy since they were born and both the oldest boomer 60 and youngest boomer 40, want the same thing for the first time in their lives, “Anti-Aging Industry” and at least one third; do not want to go under the knife or risk anesthesia. This industry is soon to be the next trillion-dollar industry, growing at a rate of 95 million dollars per day. Review a potential PROJECTION OF FINANCIAL ACTIVITY numbers only  NOT ACTUAL that is a conservative view of a clinic.

Equity partner: Joint venture agreement

Baby boomers, a unique part of our population, are looking for an alterative to the knife and to anesthesia, which they know presents a very real possibility of death or disfigurement. Using factual existing data and cutting edge science in combination with research and development of treatments and products, you have access to the greatest business on earth. The time is certainly now.  Review a snippet of the distributor agreement HERE!

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