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These are work in progress pictures of a women who is 60 years old and has only had
two of her scheduled 12 non-surgical face-lifts.


Before First treatment                           After second treatment,                                                                  After 5 treatments

Work in progress, 65 year old black male, severe hyper pigmentation. Has received two
of our no-surgical face-lifts
and is currently using the total Clinic 24 hour skincare treatment
program with one added product and that is the newest addition to our total regimen
skincare line: ALPHA ARBUTIN   This product has been found to have stronger inhibitory
action than that of Arbutin.  It has be shown to have amazing efficiencies in skin lightening
that also has been shown to minimize liver spots and
reduce the degree of skin tanning after
UV exposure.

Work in progress, 65 year old Peruvian lady, severe sun damage and deep wrinkles. Has received 8 of our
non-surgical face-lifts
and is currently using the total Clinic 24 hour skincare treatment program. She is
going to continue treatments because she is confident that with the major results she has gotten to date,
she is going to improve much further