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These ten suggestions will help you attain a desirable effect and maintain your skin, if your budget will allow. If the budget does not allow you to purchase all the treatments and products necessary for rebuilding your tissue as we suggest in these ten items, then at the very least, cleanse properly, moisturize and add full spectrum sunblock; and those that can and will when you receive the proper education, behold:

1.  Skin Type: To determine your skin's type see a professional who uses a woods lamp or skin analyzing technology or, perform an at-home test: Wash your face, skip the moisturizer, wait an hour and then take five pieces of transparent tape and place each one in a different area of the face: chin, forehead, cheeks and across the nose. In a few seconds gently pull off the tape and observe the sticky side. If it holds flakes of skin, you have dry skin in that area. If it has a greasy print, you have oily skin. Then take a closer look at your face. Do you see a few pimples or blackheads and perhaps a dark mark or two? You may have an allergic reaction to something, or minor acne. Do you frequently have a rash, redness or irritation? Your skin is probably sensitive, but don't self-diagnose: See a qualified “Wellness Industry” skin professional. Now that you suspect your skin type, we suggest you do the following:

2. Cleanse thoroughly, preferably with an Alpha Hydroxy cleanser or Rose Hip Seed Soap as determined by the above test. When you cleanse your face with one of these, there is less pH damage and you remove pollution debris, as well as dead skin cells that are continuously shed, which dulls your complexion. Most days, it's enough to cleanse twice—once in the morning and again before bed. Always use a cleanser suited to your skin type. If yours is oily or acne-prone, it will do well with a liquid gel formulation that contains bacteria-fighting and oil-cutting ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids or salicylic acid. These gently sleuth the skin. Dry skin calls for a cleanser that will leave as much moisture in the skin as possible such as the Rose Hip Seed Soap.

Combination skin has its own set of concerns: It's usually oily in the T-zone and the cheeks are dry. "In many cases, misuse of various skin-care products actually creates combination skin. Always use one brand of skincare products; ours would be a good choice. Make sure you aren't aggressively cleaning in the T-zone and that you pat dry. Irritation in the sensitive areas such as the T-zone can stimulate oil production and cause dryness on the sides of the face. 

3. Then apply Herbal toner, this helps to rid the skin of dulling dead cells; the witch hazel sooths making the skin feel fresh and clean. Herbal toner restores the pH in the skin.

4. Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells and is a process that occurs naturally. But as we get older, the natural exfoliation process gets slower, leaving us with dull skin tone. Exfoliation products such as the family of Fruit Acids and a treatment such as microdermabrasion will begin the skin renewal process that replenishes, softens, smoothness and produces glowing skin; this is recommended several times per year depending on the thickness of the skin. 

The family of fruit acids such as glycolic, lactic and citric acid provides a deeper exfoliation. "They can cause three or four layers of cells to dislodge, as opposed to just the top layer” and can be applied by your “Wellness Industry” professional skincare clinic. This exfoliation triggers the skin to replace those layers, so that you have a faster turnover of epidermal cells; and is one of the reasons copper peptide application afterwards, is most important. Copper is the antioxidant for the skin and is the body’s signal to repair itself. Over use of the deeper exfoliation thins the top layers of skin and makes you more vulnerable to burning. Copper helps to thicken the skin by its rebuilding qualities; you'll need your moisturizer with the added titanium dioxide sunblock, even more.

5. Skincare around the eyes is important due to fine lines, dark circles or puffiness and sagging. In some cases, circles are due to a poor microcirculatory system in this area and its affect on lymphatic flow; the condition could be from cosmetic products that in fact are harmful to the skin, it could be heredity or it could be an indication of illness or lack of sleep. In addition to getting more rest, you can use certain copper products designed specifically for this area as well as receive gentle lymphatic treatments for the face. Puffiness can be reduced with copper eye repair cream products and should be applied around bone areas of the eye, not directly above it, to avoid getting into the eye. The non-surgical face-lift from the Anti-Aging Clinic maximizes these copper eye products, utilizing the vacuum technique portion of the treatment to stimulate the microcirculatory system in that area.

6. Keep an even tone. Marks can be caused by everything from acne and mosquito bites to burns and sun damage. They may fade on their own, but you can speed up the process with a fader such as our skin whitening serum earlier mentioned. All skin-whiting products such as “Arbutin” should be applied directly to the area of discoloration, not all over. 

7. If you can’t get our non-surgical face-lift, you should receive Facials and Professional Exfoliations regularly: Our non-surgical Face-lift stimulates the flow of oxygen and helps purge toxins from the skin tissue and a similar but much smaller action occurs with normal exfoliations and facials. When you include exfoliation and a copper mask the results are phenomenal; but if one of our clinics is not available in your area, then someone’s Facials are better than nothing and can stimulate blood circulation to a certain extent.

You could take our offer and become the Anti-Aging Clinic distributor in your town, so the proper treatments and products would be available to everyone.

Exfoliations such as with fruit acids or microdermabrasion are still important to remove dead skin cells and begin the renewal process for noticeable results. Our aestheticians help our clients choose from several types of facials, including deep-pore-cleansing, in which pores are unclogged through exfoliation, steaming, extractions, massage and a mask application, containing Copper peptide; after the copper gel mask, the face is cleaned which hydrates the face, smoothes and brightens skin tone.

8. After skin exfoliation treatments or facials, “professional home skincare product application is required daily”, for maximum results, morning and night: Copper Serum will enhance youthful qualities in the skin.  Nujúvenate – (BotoxŇ alternative) – should be applied to the crows feet and furrows between the eyes; Nujúvenate helps to smooth fine lines and wrinkles in these areas.

9. Moisturizing is important: Skin of any type needs a barrier between it and the environment; the elements can damage it and age us before our time. "We use moisturizer to trap the natural moisture within the skin and attract moisture to it. Dry skin requires ingredients like hyaluronic acid, commonly known as humectants, to draw moisture from the air to the skin.

If your skin is extra dry: the application of pure EMU oil is recommended as a second moisturizer in the extremely dry areas; pure EMU oil is possibly the finest moisturizer available. It penetrates immediately as well as softens the skin and in a short while, depending on the application, without an oily look. These professional strength products are noncomedogenic (which means they don’t cause blemishes or clog pores) and they are not sold over the counter.

Along with your moisturizer, pure titanium dioxide sun block must be blended together in the palm of your hand, before applying.  Brownish hues have more natural protection from the suns UVB rays than lighter skin, but that doesn't make any of us immune to sun damage, or even skin cancer; UVA sunrays (cancer causing and skin wrinkling rays) penetrate and do not cause a burn in any skin types. "In general”, as the years go by, we are seeing more melanoma and skin cancer, in every ethnic group. It's necessary to protect skin from sun damage, year-round.

For extended outdoor activity (outdoor sports or a day at the beach) with sun exposure, it is absolutely necessary to apply moisturizer with an SPF that has UVB and UVA protection.  Use our full-spectrum sunblock pure titanium dioxide in your moisturizer when you are continually in direct sunlight is essential. That by itself is part of anti-aging and must be re-applied every 80 minutes to maintain that protection, when in direct sunlight.

If possible avoid prolonged exposure to wind and sun.  Opt for compact makeup--liquid formulations contain more preservatives and tend to be in a comedogenic base.  Cut down on the laundry detergent you use and change to one without fragrance; also try running your clothes through at least two rinsing cycles and skipping the fabric softeners.  Hand wash your pillow cases in an antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly and change them 2 to 3 times weekly.

10. Be committed to your skin: Beautiful skin requires consistent effort, morning and evening. "Everything affects your face--eating properly, taking vitamins, nourishing the cells, exercising and drinking at least 3 liters of water a day, to cleanse your system; and making sure your diet includes, lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber with proper food combinations, to help your body become healthy, hydrated and toxin free.

Supplement your diet with vitamins, especially the antioxidants A, C, E and B complex; it is not a good idea to simply pick some up from the grocery or vitamin store or from a salesman; you should consult with your “Wellness Industry” center where product validity is important and the science of measurement is utilized; or simply contact us. Do not skimp on sleep. If you want great skin, use the above mentioned professional grade skincare program and products, everyday and beware of the following:
Never Be The First To Get Old By Stopping The Following:


1. Don’t Squeeze or pick pimples.

2. Don’t apply makeup to an unwashed face.

3. Don’t Over cleanse by abrasively stripping the skin.

4. Don’t Use comedogenic products.

5. Don’t sleep in makeup.

6. Don’t Smoke,

7. Don’t skip sun protection.

8. Don’t ignore product instructions.

9. Don’t apply fade or whitening products all over the face, only on darker areas.

10. Don’t Use unsanitary tools and sponges or unclean hands to remove makeup or to apply products and don’t sleep on a pillowcase not washed in antibacterial soap and rinsed properly and don't forget to take our vitamins on a daily basis.