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The copper mask applied to the face after the first two steps of the non-surgical face-lift, microdermabrasion, and vacuum technique for the skin have been completed, the copper mask contains a much higher strength of copper than does the home care products to boost the skin collagen and regeneration repair of the face.

The Anti-Aging Clinic prides itself in bringing to clients safe, pain free, innovative and cutting edge holistic technologies to combat aging, in a wonderful massage. Any skin can be measurably improved in a safe, non - side effect non- medication environment. The Clinic’s 24 hour Skincare Management system is the fourth part of the non-surgical face-lift starting from the breast and neck area to the forehead to improve the health of the skin. It addresses concerns, without laser or drug, such as the three pictures represent:
                            1. photo damage, 2. acne scarring, 3.fine lines
                     and wrinkles, and 4. hyper-pigmentation.

Maintaining the skin to look its best, measurably younger and healthier with our special facial as we help the body fight against aging with skin fitness and exercise that is the same as a face workout is an integral part of the Clinic’s Anti-Aging concept. Supplements and Micronutrients, such as copper you can buy from our LINK, formulated for optimal skin care, are an additional weapon to combat the aging process. In clinical studies, copper has proved to be more effective than some of the most commonly used anti-aging ingredients on the market. Copper plays a key role in the body’s antioxidant defense, helping rid the body of free radicals. Copper also has been shown to aid in many things such as in the stimulation of fibroblasts to enhance collagen production and may be a key enzyme for tissue building. Beautiful Skin: BHRT, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is one way to deal with hair growing on your face.

Additionally our professional grade as well as home care grade glycolic acids can measurably change the skin and help maintain it to a more youthful and healthier look.

The Clinic’s sales of 24-hour skin care systems formulated with the patented Skin Remodeling Copper Peptide (SRCP) Complex  will help to keep any skin looking its best day or night. The Skin Care Professionals at the Anti-Aging Clinic are far more knowledgeable than techs in a spa, and we will teach you how to properly cleanse, resurface, rejuvenate, hydrate and protect your skin. The end result is skin that can appear more healthy, luminous, even-toned, firmer and less wrinkled.




BHRT bioidentical replacement hormone theapy


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