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Emu Oil

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Derma Moist-Emu oil is the all-natural oil from the oil glands of the Emu bird of Australia, a large flightless bird slightly smaller than the Ostrich. Emu oil products have been used for centuries by the Aboriginal people of the Australian Outback

Emu Oil Revitalizing, moisturizing single component that offers the capability of a deep moisturizer for all skin types.  Emu Oil is unsurpassed in prevention and relief of sunburn.  It is also recommended as an anti--inflammatory to reduce pain from arthritis. 

Emu Oil is an excellent skin moisturizer.


  1. Soothes the pain of arthritis
  2. Reduces bruising
  3. Takes the burn out of sunburn
  4. Makes a perfect lubricant
  5. Helps prevent blistering
  6. Soothes inflammation
  7. Relieves the sting of insects
  8. Softens hands and cuticles
  9. Moisturizes skin
  10. Revives tired muscles
  11. Soothes chapped skin
  12. Helps heal insect bites
  13. Reduces swelling
  14. Relieves diaper rash
  15. Prevents soreness after exercising
  16. Increases mobility
  17. Relieves and reduces pain from “skin-splints” and tendonitis.
  1. Reduces pain in post radiation burns
  2. Help relieve growing pains
  3. Helps prevent razor burn
  4. Softens dry skin
  5. Helps pain of carpal-tunnel syndrome
  6. Relieves itchy skin
  7. Thickens skin/reduces fine lines
  8. Helps prevent scarring
  9. Reduces stretch marks
  10. Diminishes acne inflammation
  11. Reduces swelling of sprains
  12. Strengthens weak nails
  13. Conditions hair
  14. Help chapped lips
  15. Relief of muscle cramps
  16. Great for a massage
  17. Softens calluses
  18. Reduces itching and flaking of psoriasis
  19. Aid for relieving and prevention of bed sores
  20. Revive tired eyes and puffiness
  21. Protects skin from chlorine irritation
  22. Diminishes wrinkles
  23. Calms flare up from rosacea
  24. Reduces the appearance of age spots
  25. Relieves eczema
  26. Great for after bath, after sauna, or after spa
  27. Soothes skin after waxing
  28. Aid healing of cold sores
  29. Calms hot spot on pets
  30. Helps alleviate headaches
  31. Gives skin a youthful appearance
  32. Promotes healthy skin and nails
  33. Speeds the healing process