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                       Stephanie's Trip To Switzerland


Awaken Women International Conference - 3rd International Conference for Women

You, Me, Us, Together instead of Against One Another!

There's an exciting event specifically for Women coming up in October and you'd be well advised to consider coming.

It's the 3rd. Awaken Women International Conference being held in Einsiedeln, Switzerland from October 16th -17th 


Go there now to benefit from the special 10% registration discount until 25th September and find out all about the conference. Please check it out now. The conference which is taking place for the third time in a beautiful location in Switzerland is being held in both English and German languages for the second time.

You'll find a remarkable lined up group of women experts from around the globe to offer you simple and effective tools for immediate implementation and share their own life transforming experiences with you. These experts and therapists who in their specific fields of activity will show you natural and simple ways to effectively utilize your innate feminine power to overcome the road blocks in challenging times. You will also have insights into how they tap into their intuition to impact their individual lives and environments.

This one in a lifetime event is an inexpensive opportunity to learn a lot about enhancing your intuition for a transformative and purposeful life in a short time and to interact with women from various parts of the world. 

AND I'll be there too. I'll be giving a presentation on: Awaken Your Higher Consciousness and Live Your Passion, and also leading a workshop on The 8 Steps to Aging Younger - basically teaching you how to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Besides the list of the interesting Speakers and Program, on both days of the conference, you'll be pampered with some exciting entertainment and have the opportunity to win one or more of some special prizes.   

Please inform me when you've registered - I would love to meet you there!