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Stephanie Tippie
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Stephanie Tippie

From Selling Medical Equipment to Selling a Lifestyle

Stephanie Tippie, a Tamarac resident who spent 20 years in the corporate arena amassing an impressive record of accomplishment in sales and management, is taking a great leap of faith to pursue a lifelong dream. From the time she was 15 years of age, Stephanie took great care in her appearance and delighted herself in beauty facts and tips. However, she was more than the material girl living in the material world in New York. She believed that ultimately taking care of oneself from within through proper nutrition and exercise is essential to health and beauty.

A hobby turned into a passion, when she joined her husband's Anti-Aging Clinic. From extensive travels throughout Central and South America as a sales representative and manager for major blue chip companies like General Electric, Stephanie was in the medical industry and now with her husband, she is in the opposite to that industry.  Stephanie acquired a vast knowledge of beauty aids and treatments from such countries as Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Colombia through her contacts with some of the top Latin American dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Now Stephanie is showing off a face that was delivered through the natural treatments and professional grade skincare which she is now a partner in.

With more than 20 years as an area and regional sales manager for the top manufacturers of medical equipment; Stephanie was pivotal in opening up the South American market for General Electric as the Area Manager and Product Sales Manager and for Spacelabs Medical as the Area Sales Manger, selling such complex medical equipment at CT scans, MRIs, Interventional Vascular Labs and Clinical Information Technology Systems.  She dramatically increased the companies’ market share and presence in Latin America, continually exceeded sales goals, posted record sales figures and established distributor partnerships in Latin America.

Such success brought numerous sales awards and recognitions. But despite her success, Stephanie left it all for her life-long calling.

She took a bold step from selling medical equipment and medical technology to selling a natural health lifestyle change partnering with her husband David.  After nearly 15 years of research on skin, skincare products and therapies, Stephanie joined her husband David in 2004 who had opened the Anti-Aging Clinic research and development center in 2001, a Tamarac Florida-based alternative health care center. Stephanie and David plan to expand the training center concept and technology through out the US market. Offering a comprehensive program that helps clients look and feel younger as well as hormonally balanced.  With individualized nutritional and dietary supplemental plans, youth-enhancing dietary supplements, cutting edge testing and analysis, FDA approved stress reduction treatments and tailored skin-care treatments, Stephanie is fulfilling her dream of helping people live longer, healthier and more beautiful lives.

She regularly takes her health and beauty message on the road, speaking to South Florida community groups and organizations on innovative ways to maintain and regain youthful vigor. 

Stephanie is a native New Yorker. Her ties to Latin America began as a 17-year-old exchange student in Honduras. With a degree in translating and interpreting Spanish from the Latin American Institute in New York, Stephanie is fluent in Spanish and to this day keeps in touch with her host family in Honduras.  Stephanie also has a degree in Applied Science and practiced Respiratory Therapy for eight years prior to going into the commercial aspect of the medical equipment sales business.  Two of the eight years were spent in Colombia, South America, where she taught physical therapists to practice respiratory therapy, thus paving the way for a much needed medical service in a third world country.  To this date, Stephanie is in contact with the Colombian family that she lived with during her two-year tenure in country.