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Testing: Hormones





Saliva vs. Blood Testing for hormones BHRT

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy BHRT?

Do I Need Bioidentical Hormone Therapy BHRT?

Questionnaire For Women Taking BHRT

Questionnaire For Men Taking BHRT

Doctor's Page        
  What Is The Hormone Pathway

Normal Female Hormone Cycle


Lean // Fat For Weight Management:

Body composition analysis.

Picture of Body Composition Testing

The Importance Of Lean Muscle To Fat

Weight Management

Problems With Coffee In The Mornings


Serotonin Is Key In Weight Management

Obesity And Cardiovascular Risk

Why Fiber Is Important

High Fat And Low Fat Diets



  Fast Food Restaurants Yes or No Exercise Guidelines

Walking Can Improve Overall Health

Decrease Fat & Increase Muscle With Growth Factor


Digestion Is Important to Weight Management


Testing: Antioxidant Levels

We Measure Antioxidant Levels

More Information On Antioxidants

Why Take Supplements

Sliver Plus Antioxidant


Testing: Hair Analysis For Heavy Metal Removal

Hair sample testing for heavy metals.

Detoxamin Suppository EDTA Chelation

Júzeme Drink Has A Chelation - EDTA

Why Chelation EDTA suppository

What Are Toxins


What is Fucoidan


Testing: Identifying Food Triggers

Food Trigger analysis

 Insulin & Blood Sugar

Exercise and Blood Sugar

Why Are Omega-3's Important

What Are Un-healthy Cells

More Sugar And Food Trigger Information