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                 Vaccine and drug dangers, wellness industry reveals


If we have to fight for our very existence to bring you facts so that you may be the judge-----do you think that every citizen could be next?

Our government is set on stopping any facts being revealed in the wellness industry that may cause the public to begin their own research on the issues of health that are not dictated by the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry. They have attached Dr. Andrew Wiles and I know that I am next on their list. Wellness industry professionals are not allowed to use the words treat or cure and cannot even allude to the fact. The laws in our country are lobbied for and paid for by the multi trillion dollar industry that we refer to as, the medical pharmaceutical sickness industry or  “Big Pharma. “

So I must retract any language of the above mentioned press release that states or alludes to curing H1N1 or swine flu.

Instead I will say: Though we can make no “disease” "treatment" or "cure" claims for our Rejuvenis OSH Silver, or for that matter any of our natural to the body supplements, you would be wise to investigate how effective it is for yourself and ask why ionic silver is being pursued by the powers that be, to remove it from the market place. The government controlled agencies are attacking all of in the wellness industry professionals for the slightest claims of any nature, that anything natural will help you, to insure that your family gets the vaccines that are being fast tracked with a 7-billion dollar grant of tax payer money, and, they have been awarded total immunity from error or harm that it may cause.

How Rejuvenis OSH Silver  may kill pathogenic microorganisms or virus is not going to be discussed by us; if Andrew Wiles can be attacked by the “wellness haters” in government who back the pharmaceutical drug companies, then we could certainly be on their radar screen. So we will never make the claim that Rejuvenis OSH Silver, or any of our natural supplements, treat or cures anything and especially right now with the billions that the government has granted Big Pharma to make vaccines, for H1N1 swine flu. Nope, we are going to remove ourselves from the radar screen. If anyone of you do not think this is a serious matter to your health choices then you best do a little research. In our view what would the sickness industry do without sick people?

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Those who speak negatively about the wellness industry are those in the sickness industry. The medical pharmaceutical sickness industry masks symptoms with drugs and do little for the underlying problem or illness.

The Wellness industry, attacks the problems of illness and disease, and further, provide prevention for future illness and disease. Vaccines have been proven to be not effective at best and dangerous at worst. Do your own research on this issue and do not take our word for it; everyone in the wellness industry wants to educate people so they can make their choices wisely. Give pause and research some before you allow your children to be vaccinated. However even not considering the ill-effects of the adjuvants, which or additives to drugs such as squalene that has never been tested for side effects at all. Most vaccines contain dangerous levels of mercury in the form of thimerosal, a deadly preservative 50-times more toxic than mercury itself.  It is our opinion that no one should be injected with it however especially infants, children, and pregnant women should not be injected with thimerosal. Then there are adjuvants like the mixture of gelatin ... antigen (HbSAg), genetically cloned into GMO yeast and aluminum hydroxide;--- aluminum hydroxide, which can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis, which is Hypersensitivity to a substance, such as foreign protein or a synthetic drug, that is caused by that exposure and macrophage, and are the likely causes of the after symptoms of children who get the vaccine, in vaccines some microbes have learned to go beyond that defense supposedly created by the vaccine, by mutating around it. Microbes trick the immune system by changing those molecular pieces of the microbe called antigens that our antibodies recognize as bad and would attack.  Our Silver quickly robs an electron from a virus rendering it lifeless and therefore virus mutation of this process is not likely. We will never circumvent your doctor’s advice, but again you must be the one to decide for you and your family.