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                        Rejuvenis Omega-3 Long Chain Fatty Acid from Krill

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Rejuvenis Omega-3's: Essential fats from the ocean's tiny krill
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Omega-3's are required to produce healthy cell walls and every single hormone in the body.
When we take in too little Omega-3’s, the Brain has to help the body survive, so it must make something to take the place of the long chain fatty acid Omega’3's; and it sends a message to the liver;  it makes HDL and LDL cholesterol, which
  are short chain of Trans Fatty Acids.

Omega-3's feed and fuel the brain and without them disease states can occur. Omega-3's play an important role in your general overall health and in the health of your skin, nails and hair, they boost immunity and they can play a significant role in preventing inflammation in the body. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids (EFAs) because they are critical for good health. Your body cannot make them on its own—for this reason they must be obtained from food; it is extremely critical for pregnant women feeding their un-born baby. Both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids stimulate the formation of prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are produced by every cell in the body, and control such things as reproduction and fertility, inflammation, immunity and communication between cells. These fats that heal, play an important role in their anti-inflammatory functions and other benefits for vascular and degenerative disease. The new process of stabilizing and fortifying our omega healthy oils also helps to preserve the nutritional benefits of these very important natural extracts. Improving the oxidative stability of these products is a big breakthrough for the nutraceutical industry. Nutraceuticals (often referred to as phytochemicals or functional foods) are natural, bioactive chemical compounds that have health promoting, disease preventing or medicinal properties.

Once this country’s food processors figured out how to use solvents to extract oil from soybeans and seeds, American consumers have been swimming (or drowning) in omega-6 polyunsaturates. They make up more than three-quarters of the oils and fats we eat.

French fries, bottled salad dressings and all types of processed foods are full of omega-6’s. Our main proteins are full of omega-6’s as well, now that livestock, chickens and even farmed fish are raised on corn and soy instead of the naturally omega-3-rich grasses or algae.

Omega-3s and -6s are the body's yin and yang so to speak, to quote Chinese Medicine. The two vie for space in our cells, brains, nerve endings, and they produce different hormone messengers. They compete for the same enzymes, so consuming a food containing -6s can keep the Omega-3s from doing their job. SEE CHART

For example: Omega-6s stimulate inflammation; omega-3s put out the flames. Omega-6s raise blood pressure; omega-3s lower it. Omega-6s makes your blood clot; omega- 3s keep it from clotting. Omega-6s oxidize the cholesterol in your arteries and clog them; 3s are anti-oxidants.

The more omega-6s we eat, the more they dominate our cells. Consuming more omega-3s has been associated with preventing heart disease and fatal heart attacks; improving brain and vision development (so much so that infant formulas have been changed to add omega-3s); lowering blood pressure and fighting inflammation, arthritis and asthma, maybe even cancer; helping the body use insulin and fend off obesity; relieving depression and maybe reducing violent behavior.

However I should point out that 59 countries added omega-3s to infant formula before the United States came around, despite studies showing that formula with only omega-6s impaired brain and vision development. Our products are designed to improve your health and you need to call 954-742-4430 to have your food triggers identified, and your antioxidants measured.

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