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After the food does enter the small intestine it must be absorbed properly. With age the ability to absorb properly, declines. Introduction of an absorption energizer to the system is another of the important Clinic concepts. This is a proper absorption energizer to help create maximum absorption

                                                                 Why take antioxidants? CASE STUDY by:

                        Immunology Department, Medical University, Nal'chik, Russian Federation.

OBJECTIVE: The aim of the present study was to evaluate clinical effects of supplementation with antioxidants to clients with severe erythrodermic (EP) and arthropathic (PsA) forms of psoriasis. METHODS: Fifty-eight clients were hospitalized, treated by conventional protocols, and randomly assigned to four groups. Groups EP1 and PsA1 were supplemented with coenzyme Q(10) (ubiquinone acetate, 50 mg/d), vitamin E (natural alpha-tocopherol, 50 mg/d), and selenium (aspartate salt, 48 mug/d) dissolved in soy lecithin for 30-35 d. Groups EP2 and PsA2 (placebo) received soy lecithin. Clinical conditions were assessed by severity parameters. Markers of oxidative stress included superoxide production, copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase, and catalase activities in the circulating granulocytes, in the affected epidermis, and plasma levels of nitrites/nitrates. RESULTS: At baseline patients had an increased superoxide release from granulocytes (10.0 +/- 0.5, 2.9 +/- 0.2, and 1.5 +/- 0.1 nmol/L per 10(6) cells/h for EP, PsA, and donors, respectively), increased copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase and catalase activities in granulocytes in EP patients and decreased in PsA patients, decreased activity of copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase (0.3 +/- 0.0, 1.8 +/- 0.1, and 2.2 +/- 0.2 U/mg protein for EP, PsA, and donors, respectively), and altered activity of catalase in psoriatic epidermis. Plasma levels of nitrites/nitrates were greater than normal in psoriatic patients. Supplementation resulted in significant improvement of clinical conditions, which corresponded to the faster versus placebo normalization of the oxidative stress markers. CONCLUSION: Supplementation with antioxidants coenzyme Q(10), vitamin E, and selenium could be feasible for the management of clients with severe forms of psoriasis. END STUDY

Properly broken down nutrients from food absorbed from the small intestine create fuel in the mitochondria. Inside this organelle, "respiratory chain" or "electron transport chain", energy is created through conversion of oxygen to water by addition of hydrogen. These protein complexes are associated with many things and produce many things. One of which is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 neutralizes the superoxide free radicals, which are a byproduct of the energy generation. With age this activity declines resulting in increased production of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. These free radicals damage the mitochondrial inner membrane creating a positive feedback loop for increased free radical creation. This exothermic reaction would consume our cells if left unchecked. The body must be supplemented to provide this continued form of protection as the body's supply decreases with age. The environment, fertilizer, mildasides, fungicides and aging itself causes the need for more antioxidants than the body can produce and or product augments this protection, because unlike all pill form supplement manufacturers, these have the highest
absorption and offers a money back guarantee if your number of antioxidants do not go up. These antioxidant supplements connect to the free radicals and evacuates through the lymphatic/adrenal cortex system and out through the liver and others. The lymphatic system may be closed off from the increased size of fat cells in the subcutaneous that the lymphatic drainage treatments re-open then move on out of the body.

 Why take enzymes?

The following is apportion of the information we offer to help make informed choices:

The body produces metabolic enzymes in the pancreas and other organs. We are born with the ability to make a finite amount of metabolic enzymes and that decreases with age. It is agreed that complete health is the sum total and soundness of our on individual enzyme system. Simply stated health and nutrition is:

1. The body’s ability to consume the 45 known nutrients in their proper amounts.

2.Digest these nutrients.

3.Absorb these nutrients.

4. Carry these nutrients into the cells.  >>>>>>>>>>>  CLICK HERE FOR A COMPELLING EXPLANATION OF DIGESTION.

5. Metabolize these nutrients.

6. Eliminate them as waste through the lymphatic system, adrenal cortex, liver, etc., without getting fat.

Since all 100 trillion cells in our bodies depend upon the reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor it makes sense to use them solely for these tasks and not for digestion purposes.

When humans first evolved we ate everything raw and therefore no metabolic enzymes were required to assist digestion. Since all things in their raw form have the required amount of enzymes needed to cause digestion of that particular food, our metabolic enzyme production was left intact to support our metabolism.

In today’s world we cook most everything we eat for sanitary purposes. This destroys the enzymes in that particular food required for the digestion of that food. This causes our bodies to furnish our digestive systems with the use of our metabolic enzymes. Calorie Restricted and Appropriate Nutrition diets (CRAN) have been shown to extend life in animals. This is due to the fact that the less you eat the less your demand on your metabolic enzyme source for digestion.

One of the most important life extension portions of the Clinic’s program is the supplementing of digestive enzymes to decrease the body's dependencies on the metabolic enzyme supply. Taken orally enzymes can have systemic absorption and systemic effects on the whole organism. If we postpone the debilitation of metabolic enzyme activity then we might delay the aging process. Disease is considered nothing more than the lack of or imbalance of enzymes.

  Why take liver detoxifiers?

Before a patient receives treatments there is toxin build up, trapped due to the enlarged fat cells within the subcutaneous skin layers. After treatments begin some of these toxins have been shown to move through the liver with more volume. Some of these additional toxins while passing through the liver over time can get trapped. A  natural liver detoxifier to help continue the success and added good health of the patient is suggested. Such things as metals, inert substances and similar substances arising as byproducts of cellular metabolism accumulate in the cell nuclei. A good natural detoxifying supplement  can be added to the daily regimen due to the fact that the accumulation of large amounts of inert material in a cell cannot but interfere with efficient cell metabolism.


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