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                                                       History of Ionized Water

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History of Ionized water.                             

The electrolysis process used by the Aging Younger water ionizer is literally "Mother Nature in a box". Scientists discovered that by using a process known as Electrolysis, which is essentially introducing electricity into water through a chamber with positive and negative electrodes separated by a membrane, it can transform the ordinary tap water into water that can only be found in nature at high altitude, which is high alkaline, or high pH water.

Electrolysis is a process that dates back to the 1840's, when the famous Scottish scientist discovered it, Michael Faraday. Faraday was one of the leading scientists of the day; his inventions include the magneto and the dynamo. At the time, they could not find any practical purpose for the electrolysis process, so it was essentially shelved until the Russians and Japanese scientists discovered its usefulness when applied to water for drinking purposes.

Imagine drinking water that tastes so fresh, alive, so hydrating and full of electrons and full of beneficial alkaline minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, called electrolytes. Because of the micro structured nature of the body, the water is assimilated into the body at the cellular level. The negative charge that is imparted into the water acts as a solvent, as it is attracted to the positively charged acidic water, which is stored in the tissue.

Compared to many antioxidants, because of micro structured waters lower molecular weight, which is 18, compared to vitamin C at176 and beta carotene at 158, for the first time we have a water that can truly be described as an antioxidant water.

Scientists who were researching longevity studied some tribes who lived high in the mountainous regions of the world. One specific region was the Himalayas in Pakistan/Tibet and the Hunza tribe. They live to be an average age of 100 years and some as long as 120 years. The common thread between all the high altitude tribes was the water they consumed.

In their studies these scientists found that in addition to their simpler diet, the overriding factor that contributed to the longevity was the water that they consumed on a daily basis. The mountain water that flows into the villages came from the surrounding glaciers. This water is structured hexagonally, and it is filled with mineral solutes, and it tests out as highly alkaline. As the snow melts, the water flows downstream, picking up electrons from the highly charged mountain air. As the water bounces over the rocks, as it makes its way down stream; this action breaks the water molecules down and this produces wetter water. It is an antioxidant in a glass.

The Russian and Japanese scientists, having determined that this water was highly alkaline in nature could conceivably become an answer to some of the health issues that were beginning to plague the so-called modern world, now turned to the process of electrolysis to develop equipment that could replicate the water that was found in these high mountain valleys. Our water ionizer called the "Aging Younger" fountain, which is essentially introducing electricity into water through a chamber with positive and negative electrodes separated by a membrane, called Electrolysis, can transform your ordinary tap water of today, into water that can only be found in nature at high altitudes.

Remember, these high altitude tribes’ people did not have any concept of heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. What we are attempting to provide for our clients is to made a complete good health program with our water ionizer at the center, to help improve health.

Color and the pH in fruits and vegetables matter.

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