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                                                         Build Lean Muscle With Rejuvenis Max

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                                                  Your can build    LEAN MUSCLE with Rejuvenis-Max

Because muscle burns calories and body fat does not, the more lean muscle mass in your body and the less fat, the more calories you will burn during physical activity or natural process and the healthier you will be long term. Adding Rejuvenis Max natural growth factor from the Anti-Aging Clinic Assoc., Inc., to your morning will help increase muscle and decrease fat and that process will be speeded up with exercise and added calcium to your diet. The growth factor creates Insulin growth factor one (IGF-1) the amino acid chains that causes the cells to divide and make new cells. By increasing your IGF-1 to supplement the aging pituitary gland that releases less and less growth hormone as we age, the more lean muscle you will develop and less fat.

Calcium is commonly known for its role in building strong bones, muscle activity and teeth.  It is also vital in regulating enzymes and promoting healthy clotting of blood, and muscle and nerve function.  Calcium is always being transported between your bones and your blood, in a systematic way, and this mineral must be constantly replenished to prevent bone loss, in men as well as women.

When people diet, particularly without exercising, they lose overall weight but often sacrifice muscle mass. This compounds the difficulty of losing fat, generating strong bones and keeping the fat off. Severely restrictive diets can reduce your metabolic rate by up to 30 percent. Poor nutrition and no supporting nutritional supplement program is a major contributor of muscle and bone loss.

With out the sunís UVB rays, the burning ones, we could not have strong bones or life its self. These rays turn vitamin D to the life supporting D-3. We canít manufacture D-3 and we canít find it in food or supplements, however we must take in vitamin D, so the sun can transform it to D-3. Our best suggestion for Vitamin D would be our Rejuvenis D. But doing that is the interesting part. We support our vitamin D intake and should not get our sun exposure from the direct sunlight of midday but rather in the early morning or late evenings, when the suns rays are less powerful; and then only 30 to 60 minutes is needed a few times a week.

Studies have been provided in areas of the world where the sun us absent a great deal of the time and bone disease is predominate.


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